Candle wax reading

Candle reading is one of the most common traditional techniques of divination and can be employed in many ways. In our Current-specific settings we can for example express our will/question and ask the spirits to manifest their answers through a candle (marked and dressed accordingly, for example with the Key of Wisdom and related elements) and then study how the flame acts, the way that the melting wax flows and the shape that it finally takes, and make our own interpretation of the situation based on the mentioned points.

There are some traditional and ”universal” signs to look out for in many traditions, like for example that clockwise flooding of the wax is regarded as a sign that shows energies being attracted to the operator, while the counter-clockwise flooding would show that something is rather moving away from him or her.

While these and many other traditional interpretations are good to learn and keep in the back of the head while doing a candle reading, it is also important to always keep in mind the context and also the Current-specific perspective, for while a skull shape for example could be interpreted as a negative sign in many traditions it could for us hint at the highest Stations of the Gulgaltha line and the Head/s of the Mighty Dead in some contexts, while in others it could symbolize the archonic garments or negative energies washed off, and in yet other context it could symbolize the weakening or even death of the target of a curse work. In other words there are no general ”book of rules” when it comes to these things, and all manifestations must be noted and interpreted from a personal perspective.

When having learnt to understand the ”language of Spirit” on a personal level, such understanding can also aid in other contexts. For example when doing any type of candle magic, one’s magical will and intention of the work can be focused upon until one notices that the candle flame acts and the wax takes form in ways suitable and in harmony of the work itself, as a form of confirmation that the sought energies have come into play, adding to the ritual charge.

Candle wax is an excellent vessel for Spirit manifestation and it is recommended to always study the shape of the wax after any kind of working. Furthermore the wax in itself can, if charged correctly through will and corresponding elements (such as oils and herbs etc), deliberately be used to strengthen the work if the candle is for example placed directly upon the photo or other links to a specific target, and the wax is then allowed to freely flood upon him or her to afflict with the intended energies.

Below are some examples of candle wax remains that have become topics for contemplation.

Serpentine shapes, the black one from a November 11th working in which a candle was dedicated to each Head of Azerate, this one assigned to Moloch. The green and black one is from the consecration ritual of a tincture related to the Akeldama Line, initiated on the Good Friday of 2021.

Skull shape from a candle lit during Bane work focused through the Station of Qayin Sator.

Sickle shaped wax after Monday night bane candle lit upon a box in which links to a specific enemy was placed.

Wax remains from a black candle with a general burning time of 12 hours, that burnt in extreme ways and was fully consumed in a matter of minutes.


May the Light of Spirit ever guide the Faithful towards endless victory!

The Dragon Egg Ritual and Magic

(We are happy to with permission publish the following text, originally shared with us by one of our teachers.)

In this ritual a spell is cast by the way of creating a kind of daemon taking form through the magician’s own life-force, the focused power of will and the totemic virtues of certain animal components, but more esoterically via that which all the employed elements and the ritual steps contextually connect to, allowing the potentially fate-altering addition, intrusion and manifestation of Spirit.

The following elements are needed:

  • A dead spider (should be found already dead and not be killed by the magician for this purpose) and/or a spider web rolled into a ball
  • A fresh bird’s egg. If possible fertilized.
  • A sharp tool, such as scalpel, for opening the egg without cracking it
  • A needle to draw blood with
  • Suitable natural glue, or beeswax, for the sealing of the opening made in the egg

The ritual is to be conducted during the hours of the night. Planetary hours can be observed for additional potency and focusing of the forces needed for the accomplishment of the magical will.   

Proceed by using the sharp tool for opening up a hole on top of the egg, without cracking and breaking the whole egg (this should be tried and mastered outside of ritual context in advance). If the hole is made so that the piece of removed shell can be put back later and sealed it is ideal, but as long as the hole is there and can be sealed later with some natural glue or wax of suitable kind it is sufficient.

Once the hole is made the spider, and ideally some of its web rolled into a small ball, are pushed into the egg, to serve as the spinner of the webs of one’s desire, countering those of destiny if need be, and catch that which one seeks to attain. 

At this stage certain other elements could also be added into the egg that correspond with what you seek to manifest, ranging from different powders, herbal, mineral or animal, or/and smaller rolled up piece of paper or thin metal lamella on which seals or spells are written with magical ink or inscribed. The size of the egg and one’s own imagination and knowledge set the limits for what one could load the egg with, but it is important to not overdo the actual loading and only add what one believe to be absolutely essential.

Once the dead spider, ball of web and any other elements have been sown inside of the egg it is time to add your own blood and through the blood your own life-force, power of will and spirit into it, in order to so make the magic come to life. Place the egg before you and proceed with using a needle, which you first cleanse in the flame of the candle flame set before you and pierce the tip of one of the fingers of your left hand, so that some drops of blood can be pressed out of it. The finger can here be chosen based on what one connects to each finger, as for example corresponding with the five elements, the planets or any other symbolism and insights that can give a specific relevance to the choice which ultimately must connected to the magical goal.

You then hold the pierced finger above the opening you have made into the egg and squeeze out with the other hand the drops of blood so that they fall into the egg and so animate it and the spider towards the realization of your will. Each drop must be charged with the power of intention directed by a single minded focus and visualization.

The general spell to chant at this point should be something along the line of:

“I give you Blood of my Blood, Life from my Life and Power from the Spirit Within! In return you shall weave for me an Ensnaring Web of Power and Change the World, all in accordance with my Sorcerous Will! You shall do so without harming anyone that I hold dear, or ever take from me anything that I have not offered to you wilfully!

It can be relevant to keep count of the amount of the drops of blood, as that can reflect the number of stages it takes for the manifestation of the spell and serve in other ways as indicator of progress. The ideal amounts of blood are here 7 or 9 drops according to the original version of this ritual. If less than 7 drops of blood can be squeezed out it can imply a lack of power given to the work, which later will be reflected in the potency of the spell. It is in any case important to keep count and remember the amount of drops, and it is generally better to pierce the finger little too deep rather than making a puncture that can’t produce the needed amount of blood. According to the original rules you are also to pierce your finger only once. More than 9 drops can indicate an excess of force and lack of precision, but it is generally better to give little too much than too little, as at least you will in such case not end up in debt.  

Once the blood has been given, lift the egg to your mouth again and speak your spell, conjuration and will into it, so that your actual Breath/Andedräkt becomes projected inside of it, over “its void and chaotic waters of pre-creation”, to which you so give desired forms for the manifesting of your will.  

At this stage a cigarillo could be used to project the force of will and spirit into the egg via the exhalation of the Fiery Breath of Amiahzatan.

When you feel that you have sufficiently charged the egg in this fashion you must seal its opening and at this point you should put back the pieces of the shell that you had removed, if possible, and then seal the hole with the glue or some drops of beeswax, but so that only the immediate area of and around the hole become covered by it.

This is important as you then are supposed to draw an invoking pentagram of spirit upon the egg with ideally some suitable consecrated ink, so that the sealed hole ends up within its centre, meaning within the pentagon constituting the heart of the pentagram.

You are then to seal this pentagram by drawing a pentagon around it in a manner that connects its five points. 

In some settings further spells and seals can also be written and drawn upon the outside of the egg, below where the pentagram within the pentagon have been marked, but this is usually not necessary. 

This egg is then according to the original instructions to be buried, during the same night, in some location related to the outcome of the spell where it is not disturbed or accidentally broken. It is thus allowed to “hatch” the expanding forces seeded into it, which then will act and cause changes in accordance with the magical charges that had been given to it.

In certain extra demanding cases it is advised that the egg become buried within a grave, after first having made a kind of deal/pact with the dead, so that the “ghost” become included within the ritual matrix and lend its force to the work. The burial of an egg filled with one’s own blood in a grave can be extremely problematic, and those actually initiated in the necromantic arts will most often avoid such risky methods. But, as the original instructions emphasised that specific approach within the most demanding contexts we have chosen to also include it here.

The other detail concerning the egg needing to be buried the same night is also something stressed by the original source, but is yet another point that those with sufficient knowledge gained through personal experience may be able to work around, if necessary.   

One could see this process as the creation of a kind of Familiar Spirit, but there are a few different directions that this simple outlined work can be taken to, based on one’s own perspective, the contextual application, possible elevation of the related symbolism, the exact loading elements used, the charge given to the egg and the spirits possibly called upon for its further empowerment.

The basic form of this spell was made popular around 30 years ago by a Swedish author of metaphysics and folklore (who passed away in the year 2005.) This method have since then had a kind of popularity amongst some of the older Temple initiates who in those times, when still very young, had access to this authors teachings.

In the original form the egg, the spider, the spider web, the blood from drawn from a finger, the sealing of the egg, the drawing of the pentagram within a pentagon on it and its burial were the main aspects, without any of the more elaborate or esoteric additions that we here in some parts have suggested, but was still found to be a workable basis for a surprisingly effective kind spell casting, with possibility for further elevation.

According the Temple teachings it is even possible to manifest the famulus of certain aspects of the Master, related to the Lines of Nod, by including drops of His Ensouling Tincture and other elements such as a bit of a snake skin used as parchment marked with suitable characters, together with other relevant animalia such as the ashes of burnt raven feathers and the tail of a small scorpion. Drops of blood from a corresponding animal is then added into the egg in the amount of 7, 9, 11 or 13 drops. The egg in such case should be that of a crow, or ideally a raven (which of course is far from being easy to acquire), but the egg of any of the other birds directly aligned with the Spirits of Qayin would work as well. In the most optimal case the egg of the bird can even be replaced by that of a large serpent, or other reptile such as the crocodile or alligator, establishing in such case the most concrete links to the Nachash and the Tanninim. While these kinds of eggs will, for most people, not be easy to get hold of it is still far from being an impossible task. With little cunning, the right contacts and some funds set aside for these kinds of projects anything becomes possible, and if Spirit is willing one always find what one actually need.

If such reptilian egg would be employed, in combination with the aforementioned addition of precious drops of the Ensouling Tincture and other elements, also Spirit seals drawn with the correct inks on paper, which then are reduced to ashes, are together with other sympathetic elements, to be introduced into the egg. This egg is then finally activated by the giving of the suitable and corresponding kind of blood (which can mean a few different things here), which is added into it in the correct amount of drops, again aligned with the force being worked with. The giving of the Fiery Breath of Amiahzatan is then also in this instance part of the conclusion of its conjuring and charging towards purpose, followed as in earlier version by the sealing of the egg. This is also here accomplished through the application of the wax and the drawing of not only the pentagram within the pentagon around the sealed opening, but with also other specific characters, seals and/or invocations all around it pertaining to the aspects focused upon. Within this strictly Qayinite context the sealing pentagram could even be replaced by a Heptagram within a heptagon, drawn otherwise in the same manner as before around the sealed hole. This option of using the Heptagram is available to those that understand how and why to do so, based on what that symbol in connection to the Qayinite Mysteries can connect to. The results of this kind of loaded egg will potentially become the closest possible to what “the Dragon Egg” name actually implies and besides hiding or burying it at some suitable place of power, or where it is to enact its influences, it could also be securely and permanently sealed inside of a hollow fetish, such as a suitable statue.

If employed in such fetishistic manner the loaded statue cultivated for a certain symbolic amount of time, like for example 49 nights (if established gnosis would here be lacking divination must be used in order to determine the exact needed amount of time), could be realized to embody the spiritual force which after that set amount of time would “hatch” and possess the statue/idol from within. 

This kind of work with the egg could also in other settings be turned around and in its nadir be made into that of Malefica specifically, with the egg becoming one of Death and Decay, into which the traces of the target would be introduced, together with for example a leech instead of the spider, bone powder or the soil from the grave of a suicide or a murderer, small amounts of different baneful powders and ashes from curses written on paper with poisoned ink. The blood dropped into the egg should in such cases not be one’s own and instead that that of for example a rat or some other symbolically suitable animal, this in order to align the curse with the deserving target. In conclusion and besides the sealing pentagram within the pentagon around it also Qayin’s Key Sigil of Bane would with suitable ink be written counter clockwise around the egg. This kind of egg if hidden close to the target would be extra effective, but could also be placed within a wooden box and ritually buried in the cemetery to commission the Legions of Gulgaltha to work through it, or seeded into some other suitable place of Active Power.

“The Dragon Egg” spell could similarly be used in adjusted forms in order to work with any of Qayin’s Key Sigils and Powers, by simply adding the corresponding herbal formulas, as given in Liber Falxifer II, inside of the egg, with the matching insect or other animal elements if the usual spider for some reason would be considered as contextually unsuitable, the ashes of burnt petitions and seals pertaining to the specific work and any other elements that one would realize as being suitable. If the work is personal and benefic one’s own blood would be used and if not the blood of some more appropriate offering could be employed instead.  The egg would also in this case be sealed as usual with the pentagram within the pentagon, and around it would the corresponding Key Sigil of Qayin be drawn in order to specifically mark it for its purpose.

Based on these few outlines the Temple teachings connected to the sorcery of “the Dragon Egg” should have become clear enough to those that practice in accordance with the same Tradition.

+++ + +++

This text is dedicated to the Spirit of Magister “Nast Lavgroh”. May the Forces of the Dissolving Omega keep you ever beyond the limitations of life and death and lead you, and us all, towards the Nothingness of God. Amen + Amen!

The Harvesting of Sacred Serpent Soil and its applications

A while back while hiking in the woods I came across a very rare and to us sacred event that usually does not happen in the plain view of people, or close to any place where people usually walk, and I decided to use and work with the auspiciousness of it. 

I happened to come across two bull snakes mating, which while the bull snake looks like a rattle snake it is a non-venomous snake that is seldom seen because they stay far away from people, so the fact that these two snakes were mating in plain view right next to a hiking trail was something special. 

I stood by and watched them while silently chanting, praying and admiring their sacred consummation which had made me to think the essential union of Sataninsam/Samaelilith, being the conjoined essence of the sacred masculine and feminine, the uniting of Satan and Lilith and their intrusion into ”the Garden of Eden”.

As the Holy Nachash is one of the most sacred totemic animals within the Current 2182, anything that it touches becomes blessed by its presence and therefore connected to the Serpent Force. 

Because of the serpents mating and their conjoining of polarities the spot I felt became sacred and blessed and the soil itself turned into a charged element connected to that very essence. 

After a few minutes the snakes had slithered away and I could discreetly mark the spot where they had been, in order to later come back in the night and properly harvest from the soil in the name of the Holy Nachashel.

The procedure of the harvesting of the soil followed a similar sequence as to “Buying of Grave Soil” instructed in the first Liber Falxifer book, with differences being that I was working in a forest and with the spirit of the Snake and not the Dead. 

I had also decided to use the ”Trollkniv” that was made years before in accordance with the Covenant blog post on Svartkonst. 

The reason I decided to use that Sorcery Knife, instead of for example any other was because of the statement concerning the  Trollkniv being able to “be used to conjure both Devils and the Dead.” 

As the serpent has always been held as a representative of the “Devil” I found the knife in question to be a perfect conjuring tool, while also practically be able to pierce the ground and loosen the soil during its harvest. 

Once the Spirits and Legions of Nod had been saluted in the name of the First Born of the Serpent, Master Qayin and Sancta Q, I had encircled the spot where the snakes had been mating with the Trollkniv, while conjuring the Serpent Force that had blessed the soil so it could be used for the “Work of the Cunning and Wise”.

The usual offering of liquor sprayed from the mouth, the giving of the smoke of Amiahzatan, incense, coins and candles where then given to the Spirit of the Place and first afterwards was 7 spoonfuls of the sacred soil collected and placed within a red and in beforehand cleansed pouch.

The soil itself has since then been worked with for a while and now taken part of the offerings given on Good Friday, and has a myriad of possible uses, while being a sacred element in itself similar to Field of Harvest soil or Gulgaltha soil, it can also be used to load fetishes and talismans connected to the Nachash or Satan and Lilith in their conjoined aspects. 

It can be used as an empowering element in tinctures, oils and incense blends connected to any aspect of the Serpent Force, or to be sprinkled in order to bless a spot with such force. 

I have for example also used the soil to further empower a talisman I have consisting of a loaded rattle snake head that now rests on top of the mojo bag filled with the Serpent Soil.

(As I had managed to take a couple of pictures of the encounter itself it was suggested to me that I could maybe make a ritual report out of it, which now resulted in this blog post.)

Hail the Holy Serpent!

Snakes vs. rats (again!)

We get questions and concerns from (well-meaning) followers of our blog about certain Instagram accounts, public “internet magicians” and their supposed ”connections” to the 218/182/2182 Current and Tradition. This has triggered some thoughts about the necessity of discussing here some very fundamental topics and sharing our own perspectives on them.

Modern worldviews and Traditional approaches

The belief in spiritual realities and magic has been a natural part of most civilizations during the course of history. This has also been the case in the western part of the world not too long ago, and we only need to go back in time a few centuries to find among the majority an accepted belief in spiritual realms, whether it be the belief in the so-called chain of being (i.e the ordered universe descending from the primum mobile towards the animal kingdom via angelic spheres and the influences of the fixed stars and planets, a worldview upheld among traditional astrologers for example) or the belief in the existence of what is nowadays called folkloric entities (Näcken, the Grave Grim, Faery folk, elves, trolls and so on) was something common also in western cultures one or two centuries ago, independent of whether a person was actually practicing magic or not. Belief might not even be a strong enough word – people interpreted their everyday lives from a perspective where these forces were always involved.

These are just two examples among many of course, but the point is that as a result of secularization, these beliefs and practices are much less common and have to a large extent obviously become labeled as superstition by the modern atheistic majority. The spiritual realms are no longer accepted as a natural part of everyday life among westeners. This development push back the ”starting point” of any would-be magician today, as if you grow up in a context in which the unseen forces are generally regarded as non-existent (or at best being ”parts of the mind”…), it goes without saying that one of your first challenges will be to accept their actual existence and confront their influences, but most people give up even before arriving at that fundamental stage, and choose to focus on the surface of things instead of reaching for their essences beyond. This is the path chosen by the ”internet magicians”, which is especially clear when it comes to ”magic” on social media platforms, as almost everything you see there will lead you in the wrong direction, away from real spiritual insight, and thus serving as nothing but distraction from things of real importance by stealing valuable time, energy and focus.

Social media is commonly used by people to boost their ego, while spirit work on the other hand should eliminate the same.

By conducting real sorcerous work, whether it be divination, healing, cursing or other types of magic, and then contemplating the experienced results, all unwanted doubts inherited from atheist surroundings will in time become eliminated, and there will sooner or later come a point at which you will start viewing mundane happenings from a perspective where the preceding influences in spiritual realms can be noticed and confronted. 99,9 % of all you can find on social media platforms will do nothing but keeping you away from reaching this point.

When the taboos and ”occult logic” behind magical processes are understood, it is easy to see that such practices are not harmonizing very well with certain kinds of social media usage. For example, one of the most common things to use as a link to a target that one wants to affect through magic is a photo of the person (this is actually one of the few areas where the internet is of great help for spirit work). This basic point says everything about certain individuals who are obsessed with posting photos of themselves, while in parallell claiming to be practicing magicians. For if you actually believe in the effects of magic, why would you leave such open route for unwanted influences to take seat on your person? And if you don’t believe in these effects, how have you managed to become such an experienced magician that you think you are well suited to teach others (and in some cases even be able to do sorcerous work on their behalf)? Some might claim that they believe themselves to have magical protection and thus have nothing to fear, but in our (Current-)specific case we could also ask: what is the point of such behaviour from a spiritual point of view, while you at the same time claim to seek union with Spirit and not with man?

Another factor that signals charlatanry is the misuse of esoteric sigils. The nature of all Current-specific sigils and the taboos connected to them are explained in the official publications, meaning Liber Falxifer I-III and The Book of Sitra Achra. If such sigils are used for the wrong purposes, for example for mere ”show off”, then the person responsible for such approaches simply shows that he or she has no connection to the Essence of the sigil/s on any relevant (=spiritual) level, at least not to what we consider to be the Blessings attainable through related ritual work.

Let Qayin sort them out

Consider thus any and all people pretending to be connected to the Anti-Cosmic/Chaos-Gnostic Current and the Necrosophic Qayinite Tradition, while clearly acting in ways opposed to its established ethos, as either being total idiots and charlatans, or actual rats (which has been the case a couple of times).

When encountering such people, you should be aware that archonic influences take many forms and in the end you will probably loose more than you could ever hope to gain when engaging in contact or debate with them. In these cases you should strive for Becoming better and more. Don’t be a part of the problem and become instead part of its actual solution. Place yourself in a position to “Do Good”, instead of merely talking, writing and crying about that which is bad.

The guidance given in the official publications of the Temple are meant to put you in direct contact with the Current and its Warding and Guiding Spirits and that should be enough, if you are meant for the Path. 

We dealt with similar topics in the post Tradition and Ethos a couple of years ago. We recommend to read that one again and take to heart the message.

As stated many times before, the sole intent of our own online presence is to serve as a contrasting opposition to all the charlatans and ”internet magicians”, and those who are clever enough can figure out that we do so with the blessings of those whose efforts we strive to honor and defend. 

The only way we can do this is by keeping in touch with those who are seriously interested in the Work and ”ignore” everyone else, as experience has shown that these kinds of scum disappear soon enough anyway, once they are deprived of the attention that they crave.

This does not mean that their deeds are unnoticed or will go unpunished. The rat traps are set for those that actually manage to cause offense, and will break their necks once they go too far and when they least expect it, as it has done many times before.

Hail the Serpent-Born of Azerate!

Hail the Just Saint of Death, Qayin Mortifer!

Hail 2182!

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part seven

In this text we present another method of healing/cleansing magic with the aid of the powers connected to the Hamadryadic Armour Sigil. This approach is rooted in traditional trolldom/svartkonst methods and knot magic, here utilized and ”usurped” in the light of Qayinite Gnosis.

The goal in this particular case is related to healing and cleansing as already mentioned but the same method can, with a few alterations, be used also for other ends, even malefic ones.

The following elements are needed for the work:

– The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil painted or drawn with chalk, large enough to sit upon.

– An urn, vase or other container holding the eight black in green elements connected to the sigil (see Liber Falxifer 2)

– Two wooden matches with removed ”heads”. Cleansed and dedicated before the work.

– Black sewing thread or wool thread in suitable length, for example 49 cm

– A suitable incense blend (for example the one related to the Key Sigil of Protection)

– One cigar

– Eight white candles for the activation of the sigil

– Traditional offerings for the black in green

The work is initiated in traditional manner by the opening of the altar and the giving of offerings to the Master, explaining the purpose of the work at hand.

Place the eight white candles upon the eight ”tridents” of the Hamadryadic Armour sigil cloth. Knock three times upon the sigil and give offerings of libation, tobacco and incense and light the eight candles, then take seat upon the sigil and call upon the spirits connected to the sigil and ask for their blessings upon the work.

Pick up the black thread and, holding it in your left hand, ask again the spirits of the black in green to strengthen the power that you are about to ”read into” it.

Focus fully on the intention of the work and let your will be channeled and established through your voice while saying ”My aim is to heal and cleanse N.N. from the negative influences afflicting him/her. I bind with power and in the name of Master Qayin.” and tie a knot at the same time.

Repeat this process eight more times so that you end up with nine knots on the thread, with some space between them.

It must be underlined that your own focus is very important in this process of course (just like it is in any other kind of real and potent magic) and you must visualize how your magical will is manifested and ”locked” into the thread with by the nine knots.

Put the thread in front of you and place the two matches close to it, in the form of an X, cross your arms (the left one on top of the right) and do the traditional salute towards it.

Hold the matches in the form of an X and start binding the thread around the its’ middle part vertically nine times while repeating the intense focus and the same phrase used while tying the knots earlier.

After the nine vertical rounds, continue and do the same process nine times horizontally. When done, tie another nine knots on top of each while repeating the same phrase again after each knot.

What you now have is a wooden cross, that is to be placed in the centre of the Hamdryadic Armour Sigil with the wooden matches aligned with the cardinal lines/directions of the sigil. Visualize how the amulet you are creating is drawing power from each ”arm”of the eight-armed Hamadryadic Armour Sigil, combining the powers of + (symbolized by the wooden matches) and X (symbolized by the thread) and pray to the forces connected to the sigil to imbue it with their virtues relevant for the work.

At this point two options are possible. Either you let the cross remain upon the sigil overnight until the candles have been consumed, and use it at a later point.

The other alternative is to use it right away. In that case, knock three times on the urn and remove its’ lid. Light the cigar in the name of Amiahzatan and direct your will through the fiery breath to the spirits of the sigil, by blowing tobacco smoke into the urn and holding the cross above the opening (in the returning rising smoke that has by then come into contact with the elements inside of the urn).

Repeat this process nine times before and then use the charged cross amulet, by allowing it to come into contact with the person to become cleansed through it, while focusing on and visualizing how the negative energies are drawn out from his/her body to become ”bound” within the cross instead. (Here is why the colour black was chosen for the thread, the reason being that black absorbs. Other colours can be used for other intentions of course.)

Immediately after this has been done, the cross should be taken outdoors and buried at a place of power (for example in front of a suitable tree), and the spirits of the place are asked to neutralize or send away the negative energies bound within it.

Give traditional offerings for the spirits of the place, do the Qayinite salute and take three steps back before turning around and leaving the place without looking back.

Divination through cartomancy – Part two

This is a presentation of a divination work done in two steps, in which the outcome of the first step was further explored in a second reading.

The divination was done in order to ask for the Spirit’s aid in a business contract negotiation, and the querent wanted hints about specific aspects to look out for and think about prior to the start of the negotiations.

The classic horseshoe spread was chosen for the first part of the divination, done upon the fully activated Seal of Illumination and using my deck of playing cards that are consecrated to mirror the classic Tarot meaning of the cards. These cards are marked with a black spot as well, indicating the top of the card. In other words, when the black point of consecrated ink is seen at the bottom of the card, the card is reversed.

Once the seal had been activated the purpose of the reading was focused upon and expressed to the Spirits by ritual means, and the different card positions of the horseshoe spread were contemplated.

The card deck was shuffled seven times before picking the card for each position, and the following were the results of the first reading (here presented from left to right and with shortened meanings of each card):

The Past – 9 of Wands reversed

Inner resources, struggle, overwhelm, defensive, paranoia, retreat, withdrawal.

The Present – 8 of Wands

Movement, fast paced change, action, alignment, air travel, taking off, progress.

The near Future – Page of Wands

Courage, daring, recklessness, optimism, leadership, initiative, extrovert, keep strong attraction, inspiration, ideas, discovery, limitless potential.

Querents’ attitude towards question – 3 of Wands reversed

Playing small, lack of foresight, unexpected delays, lack of confidence, self-doubt, restriction, failure, disappointed with choices/outcome.

Other/outer influences – 10 of Swords reversed

Recovery, regeneration, resisting an inevitable end, being beyond help, despair, total ruin.

Hopes and Fears – Five of wands

Conflict, disagreements, competition, tension, diversity, irritation, frustration.

Likely outcome – 2 of Pentacles reversed

Over-committed, disorganisation, reprioritisation, poor financial decisions, financial losses.


The first thing that came to mind about these results was that the spread is dominated by cards of the Wands suit. This indicates that answers are sought within the realm of thought, but also with a strong influence related to the element of Fire – unpredictable, energetic and wild. 

Besides being dominating in number, the Wands suit is given special attention as the fourth card shows the querent’s own attitude towards the topic in question.

The influences of others is on the other hand within the realm of Swords/air, indicating that the ”other part” here (in this case interpreted as the other party of the contract negotiation) acts in a logical, thoughtful and constructive manner and is an excellent communicator. This tells of a difference in approach between the querent and the other party.

Furthermore, the past, present and future cards fit well with the situation as a whole, as the contract negotiation is something which the querent knew would come sooner or later, but had not been looking forward to as the past contract between the two had been to the querent’s favor.

The likely outcome speaks for itself and tells that things are moving in a bad direction which the querent must become aware of and try to prevent.

Having received these negative, but very helpful and telling answers, it was decided to do a follow-up reading.

The ritual procedure was a bit different this time and focus was placed upon how to avoid the ”Likely outcome” situation. This was ritually symbolized by placing the 2 of Pentacles card reversed on the cross of the Seal, and upon it was placed a ”mojo bag” that has been cultivated for many years in workings related to Wealth and Prosperity, holding among other things the powdered form of the herbal blend of the Key Sigil of Wealth, a ”lucky rabbit’s foot” harvested in traditional ways, a paper talisman drawn with Sanctified ink made with the tincture of the Key Sigil of Wealth and other relevant elements.

Having prayed to the Spirits of the work and placed the bag upon the card, the Spirits were asked to give answers and recommendations (through three cards this time) on how to avoid the financial troubles indicated by the card in question.

The results were the following (in the succession of right-left-center):

Five of wands reversed

Conflict, disagreements, competition, tension, diversity.

Page of wands reversed

Hasty, gullible, impatient, lack of energy/ ideas/ creativity/ ambition/ goals/plans, lazy, lethargic pessimistic, spoiled, loud mouth, tantrums, problem/inner child, overly confident with money.

Three of wands reversed

Playing small, lack of foresight, unexpected delays.

New interpretation:

As you can tell, all of these cards were also included in the first reading, with the only difference now being that all of them were reversed. It should be mentioned that the cards were shuffled seven times before picking each of them also during this follow up reading, and still these three cards appeared again.

The result is something I regard as a very clear instruction from Spirit: the meaning of these three cards in the original spread shall be contemplated and given extra attention, and because they are all within the Wands suit, a further hint is given that they deal with the querent (remember the fourth position in the first spread) and points to how specific weak points within the realm of thought must be conquered to avoid the likely outcome of the original spread.

To summarize the interpretation of both readings I would say that the general recommendation from Spirit is that the querent should not get carried away or rush with the negotations, to be on the watch and do very close calculations of different scenarios, as well as not giving in to any fear of conflict. The repeated warning of ”unexpected delay” might also tell that the negotiations might take longer than what has been forecasted, and that the querent should be prepared that patience will be put to the test. The Page of Wands was upright in the first spread but reversed in the second one, thus telling that what is regarded as ”courage and daring” in these matters might in reality be gullibleness and impatience, and risks of putting the querent in a troublesome situation.

The Qliphothic Zodiac – Part three

A prayer to Adimiron

The following prayer has been used in Qliphothic Zodiac workings during the dominion of Adimiron, the Qliphoth of Taurus. 

To write these types of prayers based on personal Gnosis, directed towards each Legion of the Zodiac Princes, is a good way to focus the results of studies and meditative/contemplative work for each Zodiac sign and its Qliphothic counter-part, and a recommended addition to the Work for all practitioners who focus on these forces on a regular basis. 

In the name of Azerate I call upon the Bull-headed Dragons of the Qliphothic Zodiac, Adimiron the Bloody Ones!

Hear my Will o Mighty Princes of the Other Side, and bless me by gathering your Legions in my presence on this night of your strong influence and dominion!

I N.N., who have entered the Covenant of the Eleven Heads seek now to further enlink my Self to Sitra Achra through your Grace, so that your power may become reflected through me within and without, for the greater Good of our Holy Cause!

By the blood spilt and the life-force sacrificed, may the sympathetic elements constituting your ladder of ascent and descent be quickened, so that your sorcerous might can empower my Work and so add to the weakening of the demiurgic forces within and without, for the Glory of the Unknown God beyond and before all!

Mighty Adimiron, let me become your weapon now that you clash with your mirrored opposite whose archonic ruling strives to uphold the Tree of Lies, and may the nails that bind Spirit to matter so become further loosened, so that I by the Vav of Sitra Achra may conquer new thrones in your Holy Name and rise up against the enslaving forces governing the web of destiny meant to crucify me through the shortcomings in my personal horoscope!

By the power of the Great Intercessor and Pact-Maker Qayin Baal Berith I, who am of His Fiery Lineage call unto you Adimiron ha-Azerate, and ask you to identify my Will that is the spark of Spirit that ignites as the Black Flame, and bless me with your empowerments to bring illumination where possible and eradication to everything else, all in accordance with the Thoughtless Cause of Azerate el Acher, to which I have sworn my whole existence and beyond through the unbreakable Treaties and Covenants entered into in the presence of the Overseeing Wardens of our Current!

In the name of and for the cause of Azerate, come to me Mighty Adimiron and grant me a fraction of your boundless power so that I with your blessings may take further steps on the Path towards Liberation, and I shall let all my victories to come add to your endless Glory that forever shall dispel the influences of the blind and enslaved archons of this cursed creation, and by my own Becoming and Inner Alchemy I swear to forever act as a Liminal Point of Intrusion for all forces linked to your Essence to further aid in the Holy Cause that shall continue until nothing is and All is Nothing in the Unbound Fullness of Pleromatic Emptiness!

Karatnu Berith et-Maveth, V’im-Azerate Asinu Chozeh!

+ + + + + + + + + + +

The Qliphothic Zodiac – Part two

Electional Astrology and preparations for Pact Work

When it comes to the practical part of the initial work with the Zodiac Princes of the Other Side, the first thing I do is to study and contemplate the descriptions of these forces given in The Book of Sitra Achra and during their time of dominion gather the corresponding elements needed when it comes to herbs, minerals, animalia etc.

The elements are cleansed, dedicated and consecrated during relevant hours depending on their virtues and which specific Qliphothic legion is being focused upon at the time.

In the most simple settings these workings can be done during the night hour of the ruling planet, when the planetary force always have some form of influence. So for example when it comes to Dagdagiron, the Qliphoth of Capricorn, the ruling planet is Saturn and thus the night hours of Saturn are suitable for work.

With time the workings expand and the elements are employed in different ways to create the elemental ladder and ”chain of sympathy” to the Essence sought. The giving of the incense blend and use of stones and other relevant elements in combination with prayers to the Zodiac Princes for further inspiration and insights. The results of these workings are then noted and taken into considerance at a later stage when the text of the written pact will be put together. The more one learn about the Divine essence sought, the more focused will the outcome of the Pact become.

The next thing is to, by the studying and employment of traditional astrology, make up a plan for when the actual ritual of Pact Work should take place. In this case I take into considerance all astrological factors I can think of in order to find out which date and hour (during the time of dominion of the specific Zodiac Prince/s) that is most suitable for the work. There is no general ”rule of thumb” in these spiritual matters a lot of study and contemplation is needed for it, which is a great part of the Good Work itself.

(During these studies it is common that several alternative dates/hours that are ”equal in strength” come during the same period, and in such cases I try to make use of them not only for the pact work but also for talismanic work, which will be the topic of another post.)

Taking Dagdagiron again as an example, here are a couple of things that I took into consideration when choosing of the day and hour for the sealing of the initial written Pact:

  • The Lunar Mansions and phases of the Moon are always of relevance. I wanted to do the Pact work during the Waxing phase (in order for the ”relationship” to grow and as a symbol of Becoming).
  • When looking at the Lunar Mansions during the waxing phase, I found the 26th mansion to be auspicious, and for example Agrippa says that ”It makes for the union and love of men, for the health of captives, it destroys prisons and buildings.”
  • The day when the Moon entered the 26th Lunar Mansion was a Friday, ruled by Venus which I deemed as fitting, among other reasons because of its connections to relationships, in this case of course the relationship to Spirit.

When these things had been noted I studied the chart of the Saturn hours of that same Friday because of the mentioned Saturn connection to Dagdagiron. It turned out that it was a very auspicious time for the working planned:

  • Ascendant ruler was Venus, and as mentioned above, Venusian influences is contextually fitting.
  • Saturn was the sole Domicile planet of the chart, placed in the Fourth House that relates to matters such as ”home”, ”ancestry”, ”tradition” etc.
  • Saturn had the most essential dignities of all planets, its ”score” being 8 which is to be considered high, telling further that it has a strong influence.
  • Mercury was the second strongest planet of the chart, thus adding its influences of ”communication” and the ”messenger of the Gods” in a strong way during the said hour.
  • Saturn was furthermore in Aquarius along with three other planets. As Saturn rules the sign which it was also in, its influence over other planets waas further emphasized.

Based on this and further studies on for example the accidental dignities and debilities during that planetary hour I decided it was a suitable time for the pact work.

The remaining period of Dagdagiron’s dominion was then continued with nightly focus upon the establishing of the pact and the wording of its text and expression, leading up to the chosen auspicious night when it was signed in blood, preceeded of course by the ceremonial rite of offerings and the erecting of the elemental ladder leading up towards Spirit.

The photo at the top of this post is from one of the workings with Dagdagiron, where the focus was put on the connections to Azazel and the Seirim.

A prayer to Qayin Mortifer

Mighty Master Qayin, I N.N. who am of your Fiery Bloodline call out to you on this Winter Solstice night, during the auspicious time in which the veil of separation is lifted and your holy intrusion into this side of the great divide blesses and curses All!  

By martial fury and saturnal venom, may the restrictions placed upon the race of Adam hold no power over us, who are Outsiders amongst them, and lead us, O Forceful One, further towards Liberation, through the elimination of everything and everyone standing in the way of our Spiritual Becoming and the accomplishment of your Great Work! 

Crowned Reaper, hear my supplications on this night when I through Fiery Will aim to manipulate the currents in motion, so that the very powers of the enslavers become turned against their own servants and so aid in the destruction of our enemies, all through your Grace and the Sorcerous Might you bestow upon your faithful! 

Master Qayin, May your Divine Will be my guiding Light and bless me through your wrathful subduing of all that is not in harmony with the Spirit born from your own side, and help me recognize my own inner weaknesses, all of which I must overcome in order to Become in accordance with your own Holy Image! 

Holy Saint of Killers, you who as the Psychopomp of the Other Side bless us with the presence of your Deathless Legions during these liminal nights of your Hunt, possess me, your faithful devotee so that I on each and every plane of existence can act in accordance with the Divine Spark of Black Light Within and continue to see through the illusory restrictions placed upon me by all Archonic lackeys of cruel fate! 

May the effects manifested through the work of your faithful on this night be everlasting, and may those who have failed your Path continue to be reminded about that which they have abandoned for the sake of meaningless confinement and clay-born debasement, and in a deserving and just manner let us all receive the Blessings and Curses of your Mark, ever branded upon upon those setting foot upon your Path! 

Holy Qayin Mortifer, as your will is mine and my will yours and all that  I strive to become is manifested through your Great Essence, I place myself in front of your Cross and ask for your deserved benedictions and maledictions to befall me on this night, when the Great Work is again conducted in your name, for the sake of your Eternal Glory and the Divine Cause of Azerate, to which I have forever sworn myself! 

Karatnu Berith et-Maveth, V’im-Azerate Asinu Chozeh! 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

The prayer above was written specifically for the Winter Solstice workings this upcoming Monday.

Salve Qayin Mortifer!