Candle wax reading

Candle reading is one of the most common traditional techniques of divination and can be employed in many ways. In our Current-specific settings we can for example express our will/question and ask the spirits to manifest their answers through a candle (marked and dressed accordingly, for example with the Key of Wisdom and related elements) and then study how the flame acts, the way that the melting wax flows and the shape that it finally takes, and make our own interpretation of the situation based on the mentioned points.

There are some traditional and ”universal” signs to look out for in many traditions, like for example that clockwise flooding of the wax is regarded as a sign that shows energies being attracted to the operator, while the counter-clockwise flooding would show that something is rather moving away from him or her.

While these and many other traditional interpretations are good to learn and keep in the back of the head while doing a candle reading, it is also important to always keep in mind the context and also the Current-specific perspective, for while a skull shape for example could be interpreted as a negative sign in many traditions it could for us hint at the highest Stations of the Gulgaltha line and the Head/s of the Mighty Dead in some contexts, while in others it could symbolize the archonic garments or negative energies washed off, and in yet other context it could symbolize the weakening or even death of the target of a curse work. In other words there are no general ”book of rules” when it comes to these things, and all manifestations must be noted and interpreted from a personal perspective.

When having learnt to understand the ”language of Spirit” on a personal level, such understanding can also aid in other contexts. For example when doing any type of candle magic, one’s magical will and intention of the work can be focused upon until one notices that the candle flame acts and the wax takes form in ways suitable and in harmony of the work itself, as a form of confirmation that the sought energies have come into play, adding to the ritual charge.

Candle wax is an excellent vessel for Spirit manifestation and it is recommended to always study the shape of the wax after any kind of working. Furthermore the wax in itself can, if charged correctly through will and corresponding elements (such as oils and herbs etc), deliberately be used to strengthen the work if the candle is for example placed directly upon the photo or other links to a specific target, and the wax is then allowed to freely flood upon him or her to afflict with the intended energies.

Below are some examples of candle wax remains that have become topics for contemplation.

Serpentine shapes, the black one from a November 11th working in which a candle was dedicated to each Head of Azerate, this one assigned to Moloch. The green and black one is from the consecration ritual of a tincture related to the Akeldama Line, initiated on the Good Friday of 2021.

Skull shape from a candle lit during Bane work focused through the Station of Qayin Sator.

Sickle shaped wax after Monday night bane candle lit upon a box in which links to a specific enemy was placed.

Wax remains from a black candle with a general burning time of 12 hours, that burnt in extreme ways and was fully consumed in a matter of minutes.


May the Light of Spirit ever guide the Faithful towards endless victory!

The Qliphothic Zodiac – Part four

This post is meant to give an example on how astrological knowledge and studies can be employed in workings against enemies, or other persons who one wants to affect via magical routes.

The post will as such connect to concepts mentioned in the first post of the series, but will be ”stepping aside” a bit from the previous posts as we here focus a bit more on operative magic, and not necessarily deal directly with the Qliphothic Zodiac Princes.

A person’s birth chart describes his or her personality, character and destiny. By looking at our own birth charts we are able to find the reasons behind our characteristics, but it is also possible to do it the other way around – meaning to read a person’s chart and understand his personality, strengths and weaknesses, even without knowing him in person.

The best opportunity to do this is when one has access to the person’s specific time of birth. As we rarely have that information available, the next best thing is to go by birth date and place alone. There will be a lot of things missing, for example we are not able to calculate the Ascendant correctly if not knowing the time of birth. Another example is that we are not able to see the astrological Houses correctly, meaning that it is hard to tell in which areas of life certain characteristics/events will show themselves. But still, there is a lot that can be done and which could help focus the spellwork at a later stage.

While the Moon is a bit tricky because of it’s fast pace, we will still in most cases be able to know the position of the planets and the Sun within the different signs, and from that we can figure out how the influences of each planet manifests and how strong each planet is in a person’s chart. Furthermore, we can look into the aspects that the planets form with each other to find out the relation between the different forces involved.

When it comes to malediction work we look for the possible weaknesses in general, as such points in the birth chart will show where and how the malevolent currents of cursing will most easily manifest, and also allows us to specifically focus on these points.

Many of us who has done curse work with good results have also noticed that the effects of such workings often shed light on the person’s weaknesses. These can be everything from ”hidden” health issues, problematic relationships to the opposite sex or other negative personal traits that are enhanced by the power of the magical work. If we instead know about these weaknesses from the start, we have the possibility to focus and direct the curse in a more specific way, by correct ritual approach and elements of choice.

The birth chart as a personification of the target

When knowing a person’s birth chart, the chart can in itself be used as a link to the target, together with his or her full name and photo. One method of doing this is to take a cleansed piece of paper, gluing a photo of the target in the middle of the paper and writing the date of birth and full name below the photo.

The surrounding empty area of the paper is then divided into twelve equal parts, each dedicated to one of the Zodiac signs by drawing their traditional symbols. The traditional symbols of the planets are then drawn in the same part as the Zodiac sign that they are placed in as per the birth chart, while strong focus is given to how the positioning of the planets and their interaction with each other shapes the specific aspects of the personal traits of the individual. Other astrological information can be added within the different parts of the paper as well, such as waxing/waning moon, possible moon mansion and so on. Everything that can help to personify the target through the chart. All this can be done with different Sanctified inks, created through tinctures made from plants with the power to bind.

The following is an example of this method (pictured above), based on the chart of a male person born in Warsaw on July 15th 1989. As this was a working of malediction, we look for possible weak points in the birth chart based on planet positions and aspects.

We skip the Moon in this case as we cannot know its’ correct placement, and for the Sun and the planets these are the positions:

  • Sun in Cancer
  • Mercury in Cancer
  • Venus in Leo
  • Mars in Leo
  • Jupiter in Gemini
  • Saturn in Capricorn

At a closer look we find a conjunction (separating) between Mars and Venus. Even though one aspect in itself of course does not give the full picture of someone’s life or personality, we do know that a Mars-Venus conjunction could have manifestations like aggression problems, risk taking and daring, selfishness and some other factors that, once focused and enhanced, can cause troubles.

Furthermore Jupiter is in its’ detriment (Gemini), thus adding further relevant aspects to the characteristics of the person that could be focused upon in similar ways as with the Mars-Venus conjunction. To quote William Lilly in his classic work Christian Astrology:  

”When Jupiter is unfortunate (…) he is Ignorant, Carelesse, nothing Delightfull in the love of his Friends; of a grosse, dull Capacity…”. (pg. 63)

By knowing these factors, we can focus our work on specific areas. For example by envisioning how the person gets involved in accidents as a result of his own daring, or that his aggressive and selfish behaviour leads to relationship problems and such, his allies turning their back towards him etc etc.

The elements employed can of course also be based on the area of focus, and if the goal is to cause relationship troubles for example the ”Discord” blend given in Liber Falxifer can be included, while the ”Mars/Saturnian” blend is used when the goal is of an even more aggressive/malefic nature.

This approach is of course not limited to malefica, but could also be used for benefic workings when for example someone’s inner weaknesses needs to be identified and overcome. 

Invocation of Azazel


We have been given the kind permission from one of our Elders to share the following invocation of Azazel, which all children of the Fire-Bearer may benefit from during the workings on this auspicious Maundy Thursday Night:


By the Standing Rock and the Holy Stone

By the Wooden Throne and the Crown of Horns

I call upon the King of the Fallen Host


Azazel come and make me see

As I break the chains to set you free

Come, bring the fire between your horns

In the name of our Master of the Bloody Thorns


Light up the Crossroads and open the gates

Guide my steps through the hidden Pathways

To the Summit of the Black Mountain lead me

As one of your own children now receive me


Azazel I pray, come to me

Stamp your hooves in violent ecstasy

Receive the simple offerings I bring

And in return mark and initiate me


In awakened state, within a dream

Let me join your Sabbath’s gathering

To abandon the company of humankind

And widdershins dance in your circle round


Azazel, come to me

Teach me your wisdom that lets me see

How to break the enslaving shackles of cruel destiny!

The making of Magical Inks – Part one

image2Ink making is an extremely potent and useful Art especially when combined with the Seven Keys Blends presented in the Second Book of Falxifer.

In this instance I needed to create an Ink of Bane to use as a tool for different kinds of Malefica workings. Continue reading

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part five

A working of Protection and the Reversal of negative energies

This text is meant to present a ritual constructed through the inspiration attained from direct communion with the Spirits connected to the Hamadryadic Armour Sigil, with the goal to in a concrete way make magical use of the protective aspects of the forces accessible through the correctly activated sigil. Continue reading

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part three

IMG_7002 (1)I continued the working by during seven successive nights praying to the Black in Green involved to act as one within the Hamadryadic Armour Tincture and for each to bestow its powers of relevance to the work, in combination with shaking the bottle and directing tobacco smoke towards it in order to focus and empower the conjurations through the force of Amiahzatan. Continue reading

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part two

Attachment-1 (1)After having gathered all plant elements needed I separated them and set aside two different batches: one for tincturing, and one for dry elements to put inside the brass vessel, for portable talismanic use and for the needed incense blend.

I established the Hamadryadic Armour sigil using ensouled chalk (carrying the essences of the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin created as per the instructions given in Liber Falxifer II) on a black wooden surface, while calling upon the Master and the Legions of Akeldama using the formula and various talismans connected to that Line of Nod.

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Methods for obtaining a Magical name


(The following is published here with the kind permission of our teacher and is part of a set of informal teachings concerning the topic at hand, shared in their original forms within more private channels.)
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A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook Part 6


Beans have historically been considered as Ghost-Carriers or otherwise ghost-traps in many cultures and contexts.

In Svartkonst there are a series of workings documented that would be familiar to those that have studied the Cyprianic and general goetic grimoire traditions, in which beans also are used in related fashion.
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A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook Part 5


The work presented in this note follows the same systematisation of cemetery work as some of the ones disclosed in the earlier workings presented, but this time connecting the practitioner’s Eye through the looking glass towards the dead.

The mirror so created can grant Ghost Sight in a few different forms and ways and will also act as a necromantic gate through which the dead can be summoned in different manners and for different ends.

According to our own Tradition the frame of the mirror would most often be marked with the 13 characters of Qayin’s Seventh Key, which is that of necromancy in general and contextually also the linear enlinkment to the 13 Stations of Gulgaltha.

The back of such mirror would also usually be lined with a cleansed and dedicated piece of parchment, upon which the tridecagram and certain other symbols would be drawn in Necromancy Ink, and then become consecrated “base and place” style upon the seal of the King of Gulgaltha, before finally being sealed on the back of the mirror (with the symbols facing the back of the looking glass).
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