Snakes vs. rats (again!)

We get questions and concerns from (well-meaning) followers of our blog about certain Instagram accounts, public “internet magicians” and their supposed ”connections” to the 218/182/2182 Current and Tradition. This has triggered some thoughts about the necessity of discussing here some very fundamental topics and sharing our own perspectives on them.

Modern worldviews and Traditional approaches

The belief in spiritual realities and magic has been a natural part of most civilizations during the course of history. This has also been the case in the western part of the world not too long ago, and we only need to go back in time a few centuries to find among the majority an accepted belief in spiritual realms, whether it be the belief in the so-called chain of being (i.e the ordered universe descending from the primum mobile towards the animal kingdom via angelic spheres and the influences of the fixed stars and planets, a worldview upheld among traditional astrologers for example) or the belief in the existence of what is nowadays called folkloric entities (Näcken, the Grave Grim, Faery folk, elves, trolls and so on) was something common also in western cultures one or two centuries ago, independent of whether a person was actually practicing magic or not. Belief might not even be a strong enough word – people interpreted their everyday lives from a perspective where these forces were always involved.

These are just two examples among many of course, but the point is that as a result of secularization, these beliefs and practices are much less common and have to a large extent obviously become labeled as superstition by the modern atheistic majority. The spiritual realms are no longer accepted as a natural part of everyday life among westeners. This development push back the ”starting point” of any would-be magician today, as if you grow up in a context in which the unseen forces are generally regarded as non-existent (or at best being ”parts of the mind”…), it goes without saying that one of your first challenges will be to accept their actual existence and confront their influences, but most people give up even before arriving at that fundamental stage, and choose to focus on the surface of things instead of reaching for their essences beyond. This is the path chosen by the ”internet magicians”, which is especially clear when it comes to ”magic” on social media platforms, as almost everything you see there will lead you in the wrong direction, away from real spiritual insight, and thus serving as nothing but distraction from things of real importance by stealing valuable time, energy and focus.

Social media is commonly used by people to boost their ego, while spirit work on the other hand should eliminate the same.

By conducting real sorcerous work, whether it be divination, healing, cursing or other types of magic, and then contemplating the experienced results, all unwanted doubts inherited from atheist surroundings will in time become eliminated, and there will sooner or later come a point at which you will start viewing mundane happenings from a perspective where the preceding influences in spiritual realms can be noticed and confronted. 99,9 % of all you can find on social media platforms will do nothing but keeping you away from reaching this point.

When the taboos and ”occult logic” behind magical processes are understood, it is easy to see that such practices are not harmonizing very well with certain kinds of social media usage. For example, one of the most common things to use as a link to a target that one wants to affect through magic is a photo of the person (this is actually one of the few areas where the internet is of great help for spirit work). This basic point says everything about certain individuals who are obsessed with posting photos of themselves, while in parallell claiming to be practicing magicians. For if you actually believe in the effects of magic, why would you leave such open route for unwanted influences to take seat on your person? And if you don’t believe in these effects, how have you managed to become such an experienced magician that you think you are well suited to teach others (and in some cases even be able to do sorcerous work on their behalf)? Some might claim that they believe themselves to have magical protection and thus have nothing to fear, but in our (Current-)specific case we could also ask: what is the point of such behaviour from a spiritual point of view, while you at the same time claim to seek union with Spirit and not with man?

Another factor that signals charlatanry is the misuse of esoteric sigils. The nature of all Current-specific sigils and the taboos connected to them are explained in the official publications, meaning Liber Falxifer I-III and The Book of Sitra Achra. If such sigils are used for the wrong purposes, for example for mere ”show off”, then the person responsible for such approaches simply shows that he or she has no connection to the Essence of the sigil/s on any relevant (=spiritual) level, at least not to what we consider to be the Blessings attainable through related ritual work.

Let Qayin sort them out

Consider thus any and all people pretending to be connected to the Anti-Cosmic/Chaos-Gnostic Current and the Necrosophic Qayinite Tradition, while clearly acting in ways opposed to its established ethos, as either being total idiots and charlatans, or actual rats (which has been the case a couple of times).

When encountering such people, you should be aware that archonic influences take many forms and in the end you will probably loose more than you could ever hope to gain when engaging in contact or debate with them. In these cases you should strive for Becoming better and more. Don’t be a part of the problem and become instead part of its actual solution. Place yourself in a position to “Do Good”, instead of merely talking, writing and crying about that which is bad.

The guidance given in the official publications of the Temple are meant to put you in direct contact with the Current and its Warding and Guiding Spirits and that should be enough, if you are meant for the Path. 

We dealt with similar topics in the post Tradition and Ethos a couple of years ago. We recommend to read that one again and take to heart the message.

As stated many times before, the sole intent of our own online presence is to serve as a contrasting opposition to all the charlatans and ”internet magicians”, and those who are clever enough can figure out that we do so with the blessings of those whose efforts we strive to honor and defend. 

The only way we can do this is by keeping in touch with those who are seriously interested in the Work and ”ignore” everyone else, as experience has shown that these kinds of scum disappear soon enough anyway, once they are deprived of the attention that they crave.

This does not mean that their deeds are unnoticed or will go unpunished. The rat traps are set for those that actually manage to cause offense, and will break their necks once they go too far and when they least expect it, as it has done many times before.

Hail the Serpent-Born of Azerate!

Hail the Just Saint of Death, Qayin Mortifer!

Hail 2182!

The Qliphothic Zodiac – Part four

This post is meant to give an example on how astrological knowledge and studies can be employed in workings against enemies, or other persons who one wants to affect via magical routes.

The post will as such connect to concepts mentioned in the first post of the series, but will be ”stepping aside” a bit from the previous posts as we here focus a bit more on operative magic, and not necessarily deal directly with the Qliphothic Zodiac Princes.

A person’s birth chart describes his or her personality, character and destiny. By looking at our own birth charts we are able to find the reasons behind our characteristics, but it is also possible to do it the other way around – meaning to read a person’s chart and understand his personality, strengths and weaknesses, even without knowing him in person.

The best opportunity to do this is when one has access to the person’s specific time of birth. As we rarely have that information available, the next best thing is to go by birth date and place alone. There will be a lot of things missing, for example we are not able to calculate the Ascendant correctly if not knowing the time of birth. Another example is that we are not able to see the astrological Houses correctly, meaning that it is hard to tell in which areas of life certain characteristics/events will show themselves. But still, there is a lot that can be done and which could help focus the spellwork at a later stage.

While the Moon is a bit tricky because of it’s fast pace, we will still in most cases be able to know the position of the planets and the Sun within the different signs, and from that we can figure out how the influences of each planet manifests and how strong each planet is in a person’s chart. Furthermore, we can look into the aspects that the planets form with each other to find out the relation between the different forces involved.

When it comes to malediction work we look for the possible weaknesses in general, as such points in the birth chart will show where and how the malevolent currents of cursing will most easily manifest, and also allows us to specifically focus on these points.

Many of us who has done curse work with good results have also noticed that the effects of such workings often shed light on the person’s weaknesses. These can be everything from ”hidden” health issues, problematic relationships to the opposite sex or other negative personal traits that are enhanced by the power of the magical work. If we instead know about these weaknesses from the start, we have the possibility to focus and direct the curse in a more specific way, by correct ritual approach and elements of choice.

The birth chart as a personification of the target

When knowing a person’s birth chart, the chart can in itself be used as a link to the target, together with his or her full name and photo. One method of doing this is to take a cleansed piece of paper, gluing a photo of the target in the middle of the paper and writing the date of birth and full name below the photo.

The surrounding empty area of the paper is then divided into twelve equal parts, each dedicated to one of the Zodiac signs by drawing their traditional symbols. The traditional symbols of the planets are then drawn in the same part as the Zodiac sign that they are placed in as per the birth chart, while strong focus is given to how the positioning of the planets and their interaction with each other shapes the specific aspects of the personal traits of the individual. Other astrological information can be added within the different parts of the paper as well, such as waxing/waning moon, possible moon mansion and so on. Everything that can help to personify the target through the chart. All this can be done with different Sanctified inks, created through tinctures made from plants with the power to bind.

The following is an example of this method (pictured above), based on the chart of a male person born in Warsaw on July 15th 1989. As this was a working of malediction, we look for possible weak points in the birth chart based on planet positions and aspects.

We skip the Moon in this case as we cannot know its’ correct placement, and for the Sun and the planets these are the positions:

  • Sun in Cancer
  • Mercury in Cancer
  • Venus in Leo
  • Mars in Leo
  • Jupiter in Gemini
  • Saturn in Capricorn

At a closer look we find a conjunction (separating) between Mars and Venus. Even though one aspect in itself of course does not give the full picture of someone’s life or personality, we do know that a Mars-Venus conjunction could have manifestations like aggression problems, risk taking and daring, selfishness and some other factors that, once focused and enhanced, can cause troubles.

Furthermore Jupiter is in its’ detriment (Gemini), thus adding further relevant aspects to the characteristics of the person that could be focused upon in similar ways as with the Mars-Venus conjunction. To quote William Lilly in his classic work Christian Astrology:  

”When Jupiter is unfortunate (…) he is Ignorant, Carelesse, nothing Delightfull in the love of his Friends; of a grosse, dull Capacity…”. (pg. 63)

By knowing these factors, we can focus our work on specific areas. For example by envisioning how the person gets involved in accidents as a result of his own daring, or that his aggressive and selfish behaviour leads to relationship problems and such, his allies turning their back towards him etc etc.

The elements employed can of course also be based on the area of focus, and if the goal is to cause relationship troubles for example the ”Discord” blend given in Liber Falxifer can be included, while the ”Mars/Saturnian” blend is used when the goal is of an even more aggressive/malefic nature.

This approach is of course not limited to malefica, but could also be used for benefic workings when for example someone’s inner weaknesses needs to be identified and overcome. 

What is a Magical Current?

thecurrent - kopiaIntroduction:

This post is meant to give a presentation of how we within the Covenant, as students of the Current 2182 would describe a magical current, explain why the expression is particularly fitting in relation to 218/182, and to present how we would describe the difference between Current and Tradition, and how the two are connected to each other. Continue reading

Methods for obtaining a Magical name


(The following is published here with the kind permission of our teacher and is part of a set of informal teachings concerning the topic at hand, shared in their original forms within more private channels.)
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Regarding comments on blog posts

We receive a lot of comments on our posts here and it is nice to see that the blog is highly appreciated by other students of the Path.

Some have asked us questions regarding workings and wanted guidance with specific things related to their own Current 2182 practice, but most of these topics have remained unanswered as there is no function that enables us to reply in private and we don’t want such communication to be publically available.

Our purpose is not and nor has it ever been to take the roles as Teachers within 2182, and the official public teachings (Liber Falxifer I-III and The Book of Sitra Achra) should give enough for anyone meant for the Current to establish contact and receive guidance through direct communion with the Spirits of the Path.

However, we do hope that what we present here can inspire towards something Good, and since a while back we have an Instagram account that can be found at this location:

The Instagram account was started partly in order for us to be able to communicate more in private with others having interest in 182/218 practice, so we advise our followers to create an Instagram account and contact us there when needed, as we won’t respond to blog post comments here.

Salve Sancte Qayin!

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The 7 keys of Death and 7 Talismanic Seals, and their connections to the 7 gates of Sitra Achra

In this installment of the ‘Contemplation’ series, I will write and expand upon personal gnosis regarding how the 7 keys of Master Qayin and the 7 gates of the Other Side align together, thus showing that 218 and 182, while still being distinct lines in practice, are in reality from the same source and that Qayin and His Bride are truly the path openers and holder of the keys to Sitra Achra. I would also like to emphasize the great value of the Talismanic Seals of the Keys, which aside from their immense practical use also reveal more hints as to the attributes and powers of the keys themselves, and thus also to its potential initiatic empowerment when working with the 7 gates.

Gnosis was received by working both lines separately when the inherent connections between the 7 keys and the 7 gates began to manifest itself, but also later through deep contemplation using the key of wisdom, the Qayin Coronatus pesel as a muse, which is imbued with the powers of the 7 keys, and through deep study of the books of the 218/182 Current(Liber Falxifer I, II, III, and The Book of Sitra Achra).

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Nachash Akalaton


A lunar eclipse occured during the 31th of january this year, so I decided to utilize the auspicious event to tap into the currents of Ama Lilith and dedicated a crooked wand for Her, that was to be my first making of a Nachash Akalton wand.

The method of consecration was an alternate version of that which was given in the Book of Sitra Achra. As I at that time did not had any snake offerings to give, so the work was formed accordingly to what was possible for me. Snake elements collected from previous offerings to Lilith was utilized instead, as they bear the echoes of those workings in the past.

The wand was previously conjured through Qayin to serve the cause of Ama Lilith,
its wood was that of birch that I found during one of my daily walks and due to its feminine nature and properties I found it fitting to dedicate it to our Faceless Queen of Sitra Achra, in lack of other more relevant trees that could be aquired at that time.

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Necheshthiron Pact

In the Book of Sitra Achra by Magister N.A-A.218 we learn about the fate-altering Qliphotic Princes who work to counteract the imposed destinies of the personal horoscopes of the Zodiac. Since I’m a Scorpio I work with Necheshthiron, The Brassy Ones, through the blessings of and before our Master Qayin. The image on the pact working is based on the description of His astral manifestation given in the book and was made to aid in the visualization of the Prince Necheshthiron during His workings.

Prince Necheshthiron, O Qliphotic Scorpio
Sting through my destiny and let the Waters of Death flow
O You who are crowned with a burning Black Sun
The draconic guardian of Sitra Achra’s letter of Nun
With Your Brazen Scales and Reddened Scythe
Let me bask in Your Halo of Thoughtless Black Light
Let it illuminate my way through the Path of Nod
And clear the way to the Realm of the Other God.

Personal contemplation and meditations pt.1 : Qayin Baal-Ratsach

jean-or-johann-sadeler-cain-killing-abel-1576As often stated regarding the books belonging to the 218 Current, there is much, if not more gnosis hidden between the lines of the words written instead of overtly revealed, the following contemplations were done to seek further the mysteries of Good Friday.

There are two aspects of Master Qayin hinted at, but not given explicit detail within the books of Falxifer and The Book of Sitra Achra. These two aspects are Baal-Ratsach, and Mawethel.

Within the chapter of Qayin Mortifer in LF3, Baal-Ratsach is briefly touched upon as a more elevated and higher aspect of Qayin Mortifer, that is rooted wholly in Azerate. Baal Ratsach is named as the killer of all and bringer of unfated death for the sake of restoration of the Unmanifest.

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