A Spy Wednesday Blessing from the Temple

“May all of the Curses of our Gods fall upon and Crush the Heads of the Imposters and the Unfaithful!

May each weak breath and disgraceful step taken by the wretched bring them closer to Those Who Shall Bring About Their Fitting Ends!

May the Sickles of the Legions of Nod become Reddened through their Deliverance of Swift Justice!

May Akeldama Unfold Perpetually, through the Sowing and Reaping of the Strong and the Steadfast!

May the Snares set by our enemies become the Nooses of Death around their own Necks!

In the Holy Name of Qayin, the Venenifer, Mortifer and Umbrifer, It Will Be So!

AMeN + AMeN! (=182)”