A Quickening of Wolf Bone during the Blood Moon Eclipse

wolf bones Final.jpg

The following working was intended for the consecrating and recalling of the relevant sorcerous virtues related to the wolf, via the installment of its soul and daemon back into a wolf phalange bone, and was conducted during the now recently passed auspicious event of the Wolf/Blood Moon Eclipse, tapping so also into the secondary virtues related to that astrological occurrence.

This bone will, once fully empowered, be used as one of the animalia elements within a more complex (Ensouling) Tincture for the Pesha Line and had been acquired from a reliable source, thus proper consecration was needed in order to awaken the sorcerous virtues sought through this Osseous Enlinkment, in manner essentially similar to what is done when one for example buy herbal element and then quicken and recall their “Black”/Quintessence via the Green Point of the Skull (or if in the LF3 level of work through some of the Akeldama Cross-Seals).
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Working of Praise to the Master of Nod – Good Friday of 2016

Within the Qayinite tradition the Good Friday is one of most important dates, representing the day that Qayin and Q. murdered Abel and Kelimat, and these transgressive acts caused the full awakening of Qayin and Q. to the Thoughtless Cause via Atazoth and thus formed the covenant between the Other God, the Forces of Sitra Achra, Qayin and Q., the Holy Bloodline and all enspirited elements and spirits that awakened as a consequence of these mighty deeds. Many important aspects became concretized and manifested at this moment, but here we will briefly mention some events related to the initial pavement of the Four Lines of Nod.

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