Snakes vs. rats (again!)

We get questions and concerns from (well-meaning) followers of our blog about certain Instagram accounts, public “internet magicians” and their supposed ”connections” to the 218/182/2182 Current and Tradition. This has triggered some thoughts about the necessity of discussing here some very fundamental topics and sharing our own perspectives on them.

Modern worldviews and Traditional approaches

The belief in spiritual realities and magic has been a natural part of most civilizations during the course of history. This has also been the case in the western part of the world not too long ago, and we only need to go back in time a few centuries to find among the majority an accepted belief in spiritual realms, whether it be the belief in the so-called chain of being (i.e the ordered universe descending from the primum mobile towards the animal kingdom via angelic spheres and the influences of the fixed stars and planets, a worldview upheld among traditional astrologers for example) or the belief in the existence of what is nowadays called folkloric entities (Näcken, the Grave Grim, Faery folk, elves, trolls and so on) was something common also in western cultures one or two centuries ago, independent of whether a person was actually practicing magic or not. Belief might not even be a strong enough word – people interpreted their everyday lives from a perspective where these forces were always involved.

These are just two examples among many of course, but the point is that as a result of secularization, these beliefs and practices are much less common and have to a large extent obviously become labeled as superstition by the modern atheistic majority. The spiritual realms are no longer accepted as a natural part of everyday life among westeners. This development push back the ”starting point” of any would-be magician today, as if you grow up in a context in which the unseen forces are generally regarded as non-existent (or at best being ”parts of the mind”…), it goes without saying that one of your first challenges will be to accept their actual existence and confront their influences, but most people give up even before arriving at that fundamental stage, and choose to focus on the surface of things instead of reaching for their essences beyond. This is the path chosen by the ”internet magicians”, which is especially clear when it comes to ”magic” on social media platforms, as almost everything you see there will lead you in the wrong direction, away from real spiritual insight, and thus serving as nothing but distraction from things of real importance by stealing valuable time, energy and focus.

Social media is commonly used by people to boost their ego, while spirit work on the other hand should eliminate the same.

By conducting real sorcerous work, whether it be divination, healing, cursing or other types of magic, and then contemplating the experienced results, all unwanted doubts inherited from atheist surroundings will in time become eliminated, and there will sooner or later come a point at which you will start viewing mundane happenings from a perspective where the preceding influences in spiritual realms can be noticed and confronted. 99,9 % of all you can find on social media platforms will do nothing but keeping you away from reaching this point.

When the taboos and ”occult logic” behind magical processes are understood, it is easy to see that such practices are not harmonizing very well with certain kinds of social media usage. For example, one of the most common things to use as a link to a target that one wants to affect through magic is a photo of the person (this is actually one of the few areas where the internet is of great help for spirit work). This basic point says everything about certain individuals who are obsessed with posting photos of themselves, while in parallell claiming to be practicing magicians. For if you actually believe in the effects of magic, why would you leave such open route for unwanted influences to take seat on your person? And if you don’t believe in these effects, how have you managed to become such an experienced magician that you think you are well suited to teach others (and in some cases even be able to do sorcerous work on their behalf)? Some might claim that they believe themselves to have magical protection and thus have nothing to fear, but in our (Current-)specific case we could also ask: what is the point of such behaviour from a spiritual point of view, while you at the same time claim to seek union with Spirit and not with man?

Another factor that signals charlatanry is the misuse of esoteric sigils. The nature of all Current-specific sigils and the taboos connected to them are explained in the official publications, meaning Liber Falxifer I-III and The Book of Sitra Achra. If such sigils are used for the wrong purposes, for example for mere ”show off”, then the person responsible for such approaches simply shows that he or she has no connection to the Essence of the sigil/s on any relevant (=spiritual) level, at least not to what we consider to be the Blessings attainable through related ritual work.

Let Qayin sort them out

Consider thus any and all people pretending to be connected to the Anti-Cosmic/Chaos-Gnostic Current and the Necrosophic Qayinite Tradition, while clearly acting in ways opposed to its established ethos, as either being total idiots and charlatans, or actual rats (which has been the case a couple of times).

When encountering such people, you should be aware that archonic influences take many forms and in the end you will probably loose more than you could ever hope to gain when engaging in contact or debate with them. In these cases you should strive for Becoming better and more. Don’t be a part of the problem and become instead part of its actual solution. Place yourself in a position to “Do Good”, instead of merely talking, writing and crying about that which is bad.

The guidance given in the official publications of the Temple are meant to put you in direct contact with the Current and its Warding and Guiding Spirits and that should be enough, if you are meant for the Path. 

We dealt with similar topics in the post Tradition and Ethos a couple of years ago. We recommend to read that one again and take to heart the message.

As stated many times before, the sole intent of our own online presence is to serve as a contrasting opposition to all the charlatans and ”internet magicians”, and those who are clever enough can figure out that we do so with the blessings of those whose efforts we strive to honor and defend. 

The only way we can do this is by keeping in touch with those who are seriously interested in the Work and ”ignore” everyone else, as experience has shown that these kinds of scum disappear soon enough anyway, once they are deprived of the attention that they crave.

This does not mean that their deeds are unnoticed or will go unpunished. The rat traps are set for those that actually manage to cause offense, and will break their necks once they go too far and when they least expect it, as it has done many times before.

Hail the Serpent-Born of Azerate!

Hail the Just Saint of Death, Qayin Mortifer!

Hail 2182!

Divination through cartomancy – Part two

This is a presentation of a divination work done in two steps, in which the outcome of the first step was further explored in a second reading.

The divination was done in order to ask for the Spirit’s aid in a business contract negotiation, and the querent wanted hints about specific aspects to look out for and think about prior to the start of the negotiations.

The classic horseshoe spread was chosen for the first part of the divination, done upon the fully activated Seal of Illumination and using my deck of playing cards that are consecrated to mirror the classic Tarot meaning of the cards. These cards are marked with a black spot as well, indicating the top of the card. In other words, when the black point of consecrated ink is seen at the bottom of the card, the card is reversed.

Once the seal had been activated the purpose of the reading was focused upon and expressed to the Spirits by ritual means, and the different card positions of the horseshoe spread were contemplated.

The card deck was shuffled seven times before picking the card for each position, and the following were the results of the first reading (here presented from left to right and with shortened meanings of each card):

The Past – 9 of Wands reversed

Inner resources, struggle, overwhelm, defensive, paranoia, retreat, withdrawal.

The Present – 8 of Wands

Movement, fast paced change, action, alignment, air travel, taking off, progress.

The near Future – Page of Wands

Courage, daring, recklessness, optimism, leadership, initiative, extrovert, keep strong attraction, inspiration, ideas, discovery, limitless potential.

Querents’ attitude towards question – 3 of Wands reversed

Playing small, lack of foresight, unexpected delays, lack of confidence, self-doubt, restriction, failure, disappointed with choices/outcome.

Other/outer influences – 10 of Swords reversed

Recovery, regeneration, resisting an inevitable end, being beyond help, despair, total ruin.

Hopes and Fears – Five of wands

Conflict, disagreements, competition, tension, diversity, irritation, frustration.

Likely outcome – 2 of Pentacles reversed

Over-committed, disorganisation, reprioritisation, poor financial decisions, financial losses.


The first thing that came to mind about these results was that the spread is dominated by cards of the Wands suit. This indicates that answers are sought within the realm of thought, but also with a strong influence related to the element of Fire – unpredictable, energetic and wild. 

Besides being dominating in number, the Wands suit is given special attention as the fourth card shows the querent’s own attitude towards the topic in question.

The influences of others is on the other hand within the realm of Swords/air, indicating that the ”other part” here (in this case interpreted as the other party of the contract negotiation) acts in a logical, thoughtful and constructive manner and is an excellent communicator. This tells of a difference in approach between the querent and the other party.

Furthermore, the past, present and future cards fit well with the situation as a whole, as the contract negotiation is something which the querent knew would come sooner or later, but had not been looking forward to as the past contract between the two had been to the querent’s favor.

The likely outcome speaks for itself and tells that things are moving in a bad direction which the querent must become aware of and try to prevent.

Having received these negative, but very helpful and telling answers, it was decided to do a follow-up reading.

The ritual procedure was a bit different this time and focus was placed upon how to avoid the ”Likely outcome” situation. This was ritually symbolized by placing the 2 of Pentacles card reversed on the cross of the Seal, and upon it was placed a ”mojo bag” that has been cultivated for many years in workings related to Wealth and Prosperity, holding among other things the powdered form of the herbal blend of the Key Sigil of Wealth, a ”lucky rabbit’s foot” harvested in traditional ways, a paper talisman drawn with Sanctified ink made with the tincture of the Key Sigil of Wealth and other relevant elements.

Having prayed to the Spirits of the work and placed the bag upon the card, the Spirits were asked to give answers and recommendations (through three cards this time) on how to avoid the financial troubles indicated by the card in question.

The results were the following (in the succession of right-left-center):

Five of wands reversed

Conflict, disagreements, competition, tension, diversity.

Page of wands reversed

Hasty, gullible, impatient, lack of energy/ ideas/ creativity/ ambition/ goals/plans, lazy, lethargic pessimistic, spoiled, loud mouth, tantrums, problem/inner child, overly confident with money.

Three of wands reversed

Playing small, lack of foresight, unexpected delays.

New interpretation:

As you can tell, all of these cards were also included in the first reading, with the only difference now being that all of them were reversed. It should be mentioned that the cards were shuffled seven times before picking each of them also during this follow up reading, and still these three cards appeared again.

The result is something I regard as a very clear instruction from Spirit: the meaning of these three cards in the original spread shall be contemplated and given extra attention, and because they are all within the Wands suit, a further hint is given that they deal with the querent (remember the fourth position in the first spread) and points to how specific weak points within the realm of thought must be conquered to avoid the likely outcome of the original spread.

To summarize the interpretation of both readings I would say that the general recommendation from Spirit is that the querent should not get carried away or rush with the negotations, to be on the watch and do very close calculations of different scenarios, as well as not giving in to any fear of conflict. The repeated warning of ”unexpected delay” might also tell that the negotiations might take longer than what has been forecasted, and that the querent should be prepared that patience will be put to the test. The Page of Wands was upright in the first spread but reversed in the second one, thus telling that what is regarded as ”courage and daring” in these matters might in reality be gullibleness and impatience, and risks of putting the querent in a troublesome situation.

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part six


Cleansing and divination

This text is a short presentation of a working that combines two of the attributes connected to the Hamadryadic Armour sigil, being those of protective cleansing and prophetic divination, attainable through the powers of the Black in Green that in union establish this sigil of their (and our) Master. Continue reading

Spådom, cartomancy and to establish the means for Spirit Expression – Part one

IMG_6633There are many forms of divination techniques and some will always be more fitting than others depending on the exact context, but what all methods have in common is that they need to be established as a form of language between the operator and the spirits that he or she works with – the spirits or souls must know how to ”talk” through the specific divination system and the operator must know how to ”listen” to the same.

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A Presentation of a Work and Feasting of the King of Gulgaltha

XIII - 1.jpg

The following are photos taken from an offering given as payment and gratitude to the Master Qayin in his black and white line in accordance with the 182 tradition.

The working was aimed at a consecration and charging of human bones for the sake of installing within them the specific ghostly force needed for a working that shall remain veiled because of its sensitive nature.

These bones were bought from a merchant and it was therefore highly required to perform a consecration with the aid of our Master Qayin and his Legions of Gulgaltha for first removing all impurities and unwanted influences like for example any profane dead attached and secondly for conjuring a ghost willing to serve the cause of Qayin and installing it inside the bones.

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A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook Part 5


The work presented in this note follows the same systematisation of cemetery work as some of the ones disclosed in the earlier workings presented, but this time connecting the practitioner’s Eye through the looking glass towards the dead.

The mirror so created can grant Ghost Sight in a few different forms and ways and will also act as a necromantic gate through which the dead can be summoned in different manners and for different ends.

According to our own Tradition the frame of the mirror would most often be marked with the 13 characters of Qayin’s Seventh Key, which is that of necromancy in general and contextually also the linear enlinkment to the 13 Stations of Gulgaltha.

The back of such mirror would also usually be lined with a cleansed and dedicated piece of parchment, upon which the tridecagram and certain other symbols would be drawn in Necromancy Ink, and then become consecrated “base and place” style upon the seal of the King of Gulgaltha, before finally being sealed on the back of the mirror (with the symbols facing the back of the looking glass).
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Divination, what is it good for?

foto_no_exif (1)

”I thought one of the points with divination was for those who can’t commune in other ways, like for example evocation?”

We received the above quoted comment in regards to the post Spirits of Nod manifesting during the Thanksgiving Ritual. We are not sure about the level of seriousness behind the question but thought it could be good to give our view about it anyway, as students of the Current 2182 and as counterparts to the myriads of ”youtube magickians” out there that are probably the biggest reason for such questions to appear in the first place.

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Divination through cartomancy

reading1 (1)


The reading presented in this text was done for a person that has an issue with a former business partner that owes him money. This regards a large sum of cash that the ”partner” in question promised to transfer to him after a business trip, but never did. A few months have passed and initially the querent was told a dozen of different excuses for why the transfer had not yet been done, but then the former partner turned silent and did not reply to phone calls or messages. The querent looked deeper into the person’s past and found a verdict from a few years back where he was convicted for a similar thing regarding an even larger sum of money. The two men live far away from each other, so arranging a visit is complicated.  Continue reading

Qayinite Oak workings – Part three

After having contemplated the answers given in the last set of divinations where I asked for recommendations on what type of workings to conduct by the oak tree at the place of violent death, and what elements harvested from the same place could be used for, it was clear to me that it would be fit for darker and forceful workings against enemies, as all prior signs and omens through cards, dreams and visions were confirmed by the three Swords suit cards picked in the presence of the mighty black in green of the oak tree and our Master during the last divination mentioned in part 2.

The harvest I had already made from the place was of a “general” kind and something I did first and foremost to reach out to the spirit of the oak in order to establish a direct form of contact with him as an initial step, and to become inspired and guided by him about how to more specifically employ the place and its elements (and forces) in my work.

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Qayinite Midsummer ritual


Midsummer’s Eve, or St. John’s Eve, is a powerful and auspicious night for many forms of sorcerous workings, and the night of the year when the magical powers of the plant kingdom are believed to be at their strongest within folk-magical contexts. Midsummer’s eve is a liminal night of in-betweenness, being the day of the year when the sun is in its most elevated position and with the sun in its zenith we know as well that from that night on, darker seasons lay ahead. On midsummer’s eve we are thus given the promise of longer nights to come, something about the future that is certain at that point, and this fact in itself is linked to divination. This simple fact could very well be one of the things that for centuries has inspired people to do divinations on this specific day and night, often employing flowers in full bloom harvested for the specific purpose. A common way to do this is to harvest seven or nine flowers of relevance and put under one’s pillow in order to behold oneiric visions of one’s future partner. Another method is to make very salted porridge to eat (without having anything to drink to it) before going to bed, and the future partner will appear in dreams handing over a glass of water to the thirsty diviner. Furthermore, it is interesting that this is also the birthday of John the Baptist, a character whose birth and life of course are strongly connected to divination and prophecy.

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