The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part seven

In this text we present another method of healing/cleansing magic with the aid of the powers connected to the Hamadryadic Armour Sigil. This approach is rooted in traditional trolldom/svartkonst methods and knot magic, here utilized and ”usurped” in the light of Qayinite Gnosis.

The goal in this particular case is related to healing and cleansing as already mentioned but the same method can, with a few alterations, be used also for other ends, even malefic ones.

The following elements are needed for the work:

– The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil painted or drawn with chalk, large enough to sit upon.

– An urn, vase or other container holding the eight black in green elements connected to the sigil (see Liber Falxifer 2)

– Two wooden matches with removed ”heads”. Cleansed and dedicated before the work.

– Black sewing thread or wool thread in suitable length, for example 49 cm

– A suitable incense blend (for example the one related to the Key Sigil of Protection)

– One cigar

– Eight white candles for the activation of the sigil

– Traditional offerings for the black in green

The work is initiated in traditional manner by the opening of the altar and the giving of offerings to the Master, explaining the purpose of the work at hand.

Place the eight white candles upon the eight ”tridents” of the Hamadryadic Armour sigil cloth. Knock three times upon the sigil and give offerings of libation, tobacco and incense and light the eight candles, then take seat upon the sigil and call upon the spirits connected to the sigil and ask for their blessings upon the work.

Pick up the black thread and, holding it in your left hand, ask again the spirits of the black in green to strengthen the power that you are about to ”read into” it.

Focus fully on the intention of the work and let your will be channeled and established through your voice while saying ”My aim is to heal and cleanse N.N. from the negative influences afflicting him/her. I bind with power and in the name of Master Qayin.” and tie a knot at the same time.

Repeat this process eight more times so that you end up with nine knots on the thread, with some space between them.

It must be underlined that your own focus is very important in this process of course (just like it is in any other kind of real and potent magic) and you must visualize how your magical will is manifested and ”locked” into the thread with by the nine knots.

Put the thread in front of you and place the two matches close to it, in the form of an X, cross your arms (the left one on top of the right) and do the traditional salute towards it.

Hold the matches in the form of an X and start binding the thread around the its’ middle part vertically nine times while repeating the intense focus and the same phrase used while tying the knots earlier.

After the nine vertical rounds, continue and do the same process nine times horizontally. When done, tie another nine knots on top of each while repeating the same phrase again after each knot.

What you now have is a wooden cross, that is to be placed in the centre of the Hamdryadic Armour Sigil with the wooden matches aligned with the cardinal lines/directions of the sigil. Visualize how the amulet you are creating is drawing power from each ”arm”of the eight-armed Hamadryadic Armour Sigil, combining the powers of + (symbolized by the wooden matches) and X (symbolized by the thread) and pray to the forces connected to the sigil to imbue it with their virtues relevant for the work.

At this point two options are possible. Either you let the cross remain upon the sigil overnight until the candles have been consumed, and use it at a later point.

The other alternative is to use it right away. In that case, knock three times on the urn and remove its’ lid. Light the cigar in the name of Amiahzatan and direct your will through the fiery breath to the spirits of the sigil, by blowing tobacco smoke into the urn and holding the cross above the opening (in the returning rising smoke that has by then come into contact with the elements inside of the urn).

Repeat this process nine times before and then use the charged cross amulet, by allowing it to come into contact with the person to become cleansed through it, while focusing on and visualizing how the negative energies are drawn out from his/her body to become ”bound” within the cross instead. (Here is why the colour black was chosen for the thread, the reason being that black absorbs. Other colours can be used for other intentions of course.)

Immediately after this has been done, the cross should be taken outdoors and buried at a place of power (for example in front of a suitable tree), and the spirits of the place are asked to neutralize or send away the negative energies bound within it.

Give traditional offerings for the spirits of the place, do the Qayinite salute and take three steps back before turning around and leaving the place without looking back.

Esoteric virtues of home grown plants

When it comes to ritual harvest from the green kingdom, it is of great importance to consider the ”secondary causes of attribution” (mentioned in Liber Falxifer 2) and the actual place where the plant or tree is growing. 

The Genius Loci, or spirit of the place, always has an influence upon that which grows within its domain. This influence can become intentionally reinforced by the focused Will of the sorcerer towards specific purposes.  

An example of this is to create a protective and banishing formula consisting of seven or more plants that has grown inside one’s home or garden.  

The process can be started already with seeds, which by the blessings of Qayin Sator become charged and conjured with the specific Will to establish a protective barrier around one’s home, before they are physically sown. 

During the later growing and cultivation of the plants the bond between practitioner and plant spirit grows ”naturally” stronger and one can make sure to have a good relationship with the spirits already in place before harvest time comes.  

Even if not planted or sown by oneself, the plants and trees growing in one’s garden still carry connections to the Tomte (home spirit-guardian) and because of such connections they are good to employ in matters related to protection of the home and its inhabitants.  

Still, as magic does not simply happen just because one picks a magically potent plant and burn it as incense, there is the need to focus the specific intention during the rites of harvest to make sure that the harvested share holds the virtues one seeks.  

In the example we give here, the operator harvested the following seven plants from his herbal garden during a night and hour of Venus:   

Tobacco, rue, sage, wormwood, St John’s wort, oregano and lavender.  

Offerings were given to the Tomte and the plant spirits, and the harvest was made using a consecrated sickle. 

The harvested share was brought inside (without touching the ground) and placed upon the activated Hamadryadic Armour Sigil to further focus and empower the Legions of Akeldama upon it.  

Prayers were directed towards each of the Black in Green and the harvest was then tied into seven separate bundles and hanged to dry properly inside the altar room. 

The majority of the harvested share will be made into an incense blend to use for cleansing and protection rites, but some of it will also be tinctured and used for ink making to create paper talismans, written petitions etc.  

Mighty Amiahzatan, great dominating spirit, may your fiery breath act as a guardian of my work by keeping away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Spirit of rue, let your cleansing fires act harshly upon all unclean forces directed at me by the evil eyes of the enemy, and keep away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Spirit of sage, grant your holy virtues of illumination to your allies so that no feeble attempt at diminishing us will go unseen, and aid so in the work of keeping away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Mighty wormwood spirit, let your martial fires be present within this sevenfold formula and return all negative energies directed at us back to their sender, and keep away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Great daemon of St. John’s wort, lend your powers of excorcism and cleansing to my work and aid so in the furthering of our Holy Cause, by keeping away all unwanted unfluences from this our dwelling place! 

Spirit of oregano, protect me and my work against the lackeys of the law and let me go unseen by their spying eyes by lending your virtues to this formula that shall keep away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Wonderful spirit of lavender, lend me your powers to wash away all unclean energies and attract only the spiritual influences in harmony with our Sacred Work, and for the glory of Qayin and Q****** may all unwanted influences become banished from this our dwelling place! 

May the seven summoned spirits of the green kingdom now act as one as I establish the shield that shall keep away all unwanted intruding forces from this place where our Master and Lady are seated! 

Hail the Legions of Akeldama! 

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part five

A working of Protection and the Reversal of negative energies

This text is meant to present a ritual constructed through the inspiration attained from direct communion with the Spirits connected to the Hamadryadic Armour Sigil, with the goal to in a concrete way make magical use of the protective aspects of the forces accessible through the correctly activated sigil. Continue reading

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part four

As a branching off of my initial work with the sigil I wanted to create a portable version of all that had been attained and manifested so far, within a talismanic form containing in a small portion all elements employed within the main ritual/s, in order to create a practical enlinkment to the spirits that in union constitute the Hamadryadic Armour of Qayin. Continue reading

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part two

Attachment-1 (1)After having gathered all plant elements needed I separated them and set aside two different batches: one for tincturing, and one for dry elements to put inside the brass vessel, for portable talismanic use and for the needed incense blend.

I established the Hamadryadic Armour sigil using ensouled chalk (carrying the essences of the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin created as per the instructions given in Liber Falxifer II) on a black wooden surface, while calling upon the Master and the Legions of Akeldama using the formula and various talismans connected to that Line of Nod.

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A Glorification to the Spirit of Jalapa



I salute the Mighty Conqueror root,
you whose forceful powers put my rivals under heel,
You who are the opener of the roads of conquest,
leading those you favour towards victory.

Good spirit of Jalapa, you are the one who have broken the obstacles in my path and the one who have paved the way for copious earnings through all that involves ‘”luck” and “coincidences”.

I NN give my praise and thanks unto you,
as it is to your glorious might that I owe my victories.
I praise the Great spirit of martial fires and solaric radiance.

Salve Spiritus Jalapa!

In the name of Qayin shall I continue to praise your name and might,
and on tuesday nights in the hour of mars offer to you libation, smoke and flame.

May you so grow in power and through dominating force bless my work,
and I shall spread the words of your Mastery over the opening of paths,
dominion over minds and Conquest.

Salve Spiritus Jalapa!

Hail to the Mighty Spirit of Jalapa,
May you always come to me in my times of need,
I shall call your name, hold you in my left hand,
thrice I shall knock with your root upon our Master’s altar,
And know that offerings will be served for the sorcerous powers sought
and your Might praised.

Salve Spiritus Jalapa!

Conjure Box of Amiahzatan

This simple work describes and partially shows how I made a Conjure Box of Amiahzatan, to be used as the cigar box in which tobacco offerings are kept in order
to charge them with the force of the spirit.

The altar was first partially opened, as my focus was on a specific fetish and through that point I then called upon the 13 stations of Akeldama and “clothed myself in Qayin’s Empowerments”, while focusing on the virtues of each station and then put the Rosarium of the Blood Acre around my neck and so entered “the Field Watered Red”.

I then made a magical ink before the altar, into which 13 drops of the Tincture of Amiahzatan described in Liber Falxifer 1 was added and the formula of calling of the spirit in question, from the same source, was projected into the ink 13 times through 13 exhalations of cigar smoke.

Each exhalation was used to project the “Ahtasha Bahym Koa Amiahzatan” formula deeply into the earlier exorcised ink, and so the ink was made into a “drawing element” for our tobacco daemon.
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