The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part five

A working of Protection and the Reversal of negative energies

This text is meant to present a ritual constructed through the inspiration attained from direct communion with the Spirits connected to the Hamadryadic Armour Sigil, with the goal to in a concrete way make magical use of the protective aspects of the forces accessible through the correctly activated sigil. Continue reading

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part two

Attachment-1 (1)After having gathered all plant elements needed I separated them and set aside two different batches: one for tincturing, and one for dry elements to put inside the brass vessel, for portable talismanic use and for the needed incense blend.

I established the Hamadryadic Armour sigil using ensouled chalk (carrying the essences of the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin created as per the instructions given in Liber Falxifer II) on a black wooden surface, while calling upon the Master and the Legions of Akeldama using the formula and various talismans connected to that Line of Nod.

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Winter Solstice 2016 – Initiatic work and pact with Sator

On this winter solstice my main focus was to start my initiatic work with the Akeldama line so I made a pact with Master Sator, consecrated a talisman with his seal and the Sator Square, and a tincture dedicated to Him and the workings of His Station. In order to clarify things I live in the southern hemisphere so here winter solstice comes on June 20th, differently from the northern hemisphere where on this date the Summer Solstice is celebrated instead.

It should be clarified that the initiatory work can only be started after at least 4×13 months of cultivation of the fully seated altar-throne of Master Qayin, as this is the amount of time required before actual work and activation of the Cross-Seals.

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Working of Praise to the Master of Nod – Good Friday of 2016

Within the Qayinite tradition the Good Friday is one of most important dates, representing the day that Qayin and Q. murdered Abel and Kelimat, and these transgressive acts caused the full awakening of Qayin and Q. to the Thoughtless Cause via Atazoth and thus formed the covenant between the Other God, the Forces of Sitra Achra, Qayin and Q., the Holy Bloodline and all enspirited elements and spirits that awakened as a consequence of these mighty deeds. Many important aspects became concretized and manifested at this moment, but here we will briefly mention some events related to the initial pavement of the Four Lines of Nod.

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The ritual working of “The Treaty of Mardazdahak-Deva”

This post will be the first in a series solely focusing on the Mandrake plant(mandragora officinarum), which is a very important and powerful plant Spirit in the 218/182 system.

Further posts will detail the relationship of this Spirit with the 4 lines of Nod outlined in the Liber Falxifer 3 book, but for this particular post, the emphasis will be placed on the interpretation and ritual working of “The Treaty of Mardazdahak-Daeva” found in Liber Falxifer 2…

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Consecration of Qayin’s herbal formula of Power

Photo 1.jpg

The following working was executed by a member of our brotherhood with the intention to perform the consecration of the herbal formula of power; this formula is described in the chapter 18 of the second book of Falxifer.

In the aforesaid chapter is described seven herbal formulas connected with each one of the 7 key-sigils of Death, such key-sigils are described in the first book of Falxifer and are sigils connected to certain aspects of the Master Qayin having the function of channeling and manifesting the sorcerous powers of such aspects, which in turn will help the devotee of Qayin in the channeling of the needed energies to achieve the desired goal and in the majority of cases such key-sigils further increase the quantity and quality of the raised energies during the sorcerous rites.

In this text will be described only about the key-sigil nº 3 being the key of power, once this consecration working is exclusively referring to this key.

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2016 Good Friday group workings for Qayin

Some of our brethren of the Covenant met up for group workings in celebration of the Good Friday this year.
The aims of the night was two-fold, firstly to feed and empower our talismans, fetishes and ensouled statues with general offerings and that of blood sacrifice.
The second goal of the night was to open the paths in order for us to, through the blessings of Sator, be able to grow strong on the Akeldama Line.
We have for this reason focused on working with the Cross-seal of Sator with initiatory path-opening as the intent through the activation of the Cross-seal encircled by the Key of Locked Paths, the giving of blood sacrifice upon the seal itself and elements related to what we aimed to seed to further our becoming and strengthen us on our walking in the footsteps of the Master.
The first workings were conducted indoors, and on the saturday night that followed the Good Friday we worked upon a field of harvest with the Cross-seal of Qayin Sator marked directly upon the soil.

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Working and Communion with the Lord of Akeldama


This working was intended to ask for Baal-Akeldama blessings in order to sow the Sorcerous Will in his ever bloody fields for later reap the desired fruit via the arduous personal work empowered by his powers.

The permission to share this working was granted by the Master himself via one of His divinatory tools in a ritual performed in a concrete manner during Monday night after the traditional working had been done, no room was left for allowing self-delusion as we are Faithful followers of his cult and want do his will and not the tricky ego’s desires.

As it will be perceived along the reading of the ritual report, the whole working structure was rigorously built into the protocols and teachings offered by the books of Falxifer and Qayinite tradition and enfleshed by our own insights and gnosis obtained by concrete experience and with the Qayinite tradition along the years.

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