The Qliphothic Zodiac – Part three

A prayer to Adimiron

The following prayer has been used in Qliphothic Zodiac workings during the dominion of Adimiron, the Qliphoth of Taurus. 

To write these types of prayers based on personal Gnosis, directed towards each Legion of the Zodiac Princes, is a good way to focus the results of studies and meditative/contemplative work for each Zodiac sign and its Qliphothic counter-part, and a recommended addition to the Work for all practitioners who focus on these forces on a regular basis. 

In the name of Azerate I call upon the Bull-headed Dragons of the Qliphothic Zodiac, Adimiron the Bloody Ones!

Hear my Will o Mighty Princes of the Other Side, and bless me by gathering your Legions in my presence on this night of your strong influence and dominion!

I N.N., who have entered the Covenant of the Eleven Heads seek now to further enlink my Self to Sitra Achra through your Grace, so that your power may become reflected through me within and without, for the greater Good of our Holy Cause!

By the blood spilt and the life-force sacrificed, may the sympathetic elements constituting your ladder of ascent and descent be quickened, so that your sorcerous might can empower my Work and so add to the weakening of the demiurgic forces within and without, for the Glory of the Unknown God beyond and before all!

Mighty Adimiron, let me become your weapon now that you clash with your mirrored opposite whose archonic ruling strives to uphold the Tree of Lies, and may the nails that bind Spirit to matter so become further loosened, so that I by the Vav of Sitra Achra may conquer new thrones in your Holy Name and rise up against the enslaving forces governing the web of destiny meant to crucify me through the shortcomings in my personal horoscope!

By the power of the Great Intercessor and Pact-Maker Qayin Baal Berith I, who am of His Fiery Lineage call unto you Adimiron ha-Azerate, and ask you to identify my Will that is the spark of Spirit that ignites as the Black Flame, and bless me with your empowerments to bring illumination where possible and eradication to everything else, all in accordance with the Thoughtless Cause of Azerate el Acher, to which I have sworn my whole existence and beyond through the unbreakable Treaties and Covenants entered into in the presence of the Overseeing Wardens of our Current!

In the name of and for the cause of Azerate, come to me Mighty Adimiron and grant me a fraction of your boundless power so that I with your blessings may take further steps on the Path towards Liberation, and I shall let all my victories to come add to your endless Glory that forever shall dispel the influences of the blind and enslaved archons of this cursed creation, and by my own Becoming and Inner Alchemy I swear to forever act as a Liminal Point of Intrusion for all forces linked to your Essence to further aid in the Holy Cause that shall continue until nothing is and All is Nothing in the Unbound Fullness of Pleromatic Emptiness!

Karatnu Berith et-Maveth, V’im-Azerate Asinu Chozeh!

+ + + + + + + + + + +

The Qliphothic Zodiac – Part two

Electional Astrology and preparations for Pact Work

When it comes to the practical part of the initial work with the Zodiac Princes of the Other Side, the first thing I do is to study and contemplate the descriptions of these forces given in The Book of Sitra Achra and during their time of dominion gather the corresponding elements needed when it comes to herbs, minerals, animalia etc.

The elements are cleansed, dedicated and consecrated during relevant hours depending on their virtues and which specific Qliphothic legion is being focused upon at the time.

In the most simple settings these workings can be done during the night hour of the ruling planet, when the planetary force always have some form of influence. So for example when it comes to Dagdagiron, the Qliphoth of Capricorn, the ruling planet is Saturn and thus the night hours of Saturn are suitable for work.

With time the workings expand and the elements are employed in different ways to create the elemental ladder and ”chain of sympathy” to the Essence sought. The giving of the incense blend and use of stones and other relevant elements in combination with prayers to the Zodiac Princes for further inspiration and insights. The results of these workings are then noted and taken into considerance at a later stage when the text of the written pact will be put together. The more one learn about the Divine essence sought, the more focused will the outcome of the Pact become.

The next thing is to, by the studying and employment of traditional astrology, make up a plan for when the actual ritual of Pact Work should take place. In this case I take into considerance all astrological factors I can think of in order to find out which date and hour (during the time of dominion of the specific Zodiac Prince/s) that is most suitable for the work. There is no general ”rule of thumb” in these spiritual matters a lot of study and contemplation is needed for it, which is a great part of the Good Work itself.

(During these studies it is common that several alternative dates/hours that are ”equal in strength” come during the same period, and in such cases I try to make use of them not only for the pact work but also for talismanic work, which will be the topic of another post.)

Taking Dagdagiron again as an example, here are a couple of things that I took into consideration when choosing of the day and hour for the sealing of the initial written Pact:

  • The Lunar Mansions and phases of the Moon are always of relevance. I wanted to do the Pact work during the Waxing phase (in order for the ”relationship” to grow and as a symbol of Becoming).
  • When looking at the Lunar Mansions during the waxing phase, I found the 26th mansion to be auspicious, and for example Agrippa says that ”It makes for the union and love of men, for the health of captives, it destroys prisons and buildings.”
  • The day when the Moon entered the 26th Lunar Mansion was a Friday, ruled by Venus which I deemed as fitting, among other reasons because of its connections to relationships, in this case of course the relationship to Spirit.

When these things had been noted I studied the chart of the Saturn hours of that same Friday because of the mentioned Saturn connection to Dagdagiron. It turned out that it was a very auspicious time for the working planned:

  • Ascendant ruler was Venus, and as mentioned above, Venusian influences is contextually fitting.
  • Saturn was the sole Domicile planet of the chart, placed in the Fourth House that relates to matters such as ”home”, ”ancestry”, ”tradition” etc.
  • Saturn had the most essential dignities of all planets, its ”score” being 8 which is to be considered high, telling further that it has a strong influence.
  • Mercury was the second strongest planet of the chart, thus adding its influences of ”communication” and the ”messenger of the Gods” in a strong way during the said hour.
  • Saturn was furthermore in Aquarius along with three other planets. As Saturn rules the sign which it was also in, its influence over other planets waas further emphasized.

Based on this and further studies on for example the accidental dignities and debilities during that planetary hour I decided it was a suitable time for the pact work.

The remaining period of Dagdagiron’s dominion was then continued with nightly focus upon the establishing of the pact and the wording of its text and expression, leading up to the chosen auspicious night when it was signed in blood, preceeded of course by the ceremonial rite of offerings and the erecting of the elemental ladder leading up towards Spirit.

The photo at the top of this post is from one of the workings with Dagdagiron, where the focus was put on the connections to Azazel and the Seirim.

The Qliphothic Zodiac – Part One

This post is the first in a series dedicated to workings and contemplations on the Zodiac Princes of Sitra Achra, published here with the purpose to shed light on these forces and their role in the Great Work as seen from the perspective of students of the 218 Current.

This first part deals mostly with contemplations and the theoretical side of things while later parts will focus more on practical aspects.

Background and structuring of the practical work

My personal work with the Zodiac Princes of Sitra Achra started out during the time of Adimiron’s dominion which is equal to the Qliphoth of Taurus. This was done in the ”common fashion” of base and place work, employing the relevant elements as stated in the Book of Sitra Achra to establish the elemental ladder of ascent and descent. An initial pact was sealed in which I stated that I seek to enlink myself further to the Sitra Achra through Adimiron and asked for Spiritual guidance and inspiration upon the initiatoric Path.

One of the most immediate realizations, or insights received in Spirit, was that traditional astrology needed to be studied and understood thoroughly in order to be able to properly contemplate the nature of, and thus fully becoming more able to commune and work with the counteracting forces of the Other Side’s Zodiac.

When viewed from that perspective I understood that in order to deliberately work against (or manipulate towards my own ends) the cosmic currents of the Sephirothic Zodiac, the work can not be limited to the Qliphothic legions of ”only” one zodiacal sign, for example the ones who were in dominion at one’s time of birth, but instead all of them needs to be considered just like in an astrological chart, which is of course far from limited to the sign in which the Sun is placed at a specific point in time.

This in turn led to a new structuring of the work in which I placed focus upon the Qliphoth of each zodiac sign during their respective time of dominion, conducting specific workings connected to each Legion and establishing pacts with all of them, in a similar way as to how the work with the 11 + 1 Azerate pacts are done as per the descriptions given in The Book of Sitra Achra. The individual workings are planned in a way so that they are done during specifically auspicious times during each zodiacal period, through the study and employment of the art of electional astrology.

The virtues of Traditional Astrology

From my perspective, the nature and influence of the astrological forces imposed upon us can be met in two ways: one is to shield ourselves against their influences and the other is to manipulate the said influences in ways fitting for our own work and for our own ends.

From this perspective we understand and interpret the influences of the planets, but we are not obsessed about them in the same manner as many others are, so for us there is no need to shed tears because of a Mercury retrograde, for example (which is common among internet ”magickians”). A planet in retrograde motion can, depending on context and perspective, aid in our work as the weakened expression of a planet’s dignified attributes does not mean that it’s counter-acting Qliphothic emanations are weakened, and in some cases, for example when it comes to egressive forms of communion work, such planetary states can become understood as auspicious from our perspective as the forces naturally in place to put hindrance to such transcendental work are weakened. This goes not only for retrograde motion, but also for other debilitating factors affecting a planet’s expression.

In other words the workings of the Qliphothic Zodiac are not limited to the sephirothic chart, but the latter is observed in order to enhance and structure one’s work in different ways.

(It should also further be underlined that retrograde motion in itself does not make up the whole picture of the status of a planet, and again other astrological factors must be taken into account, studied and contemplated in order to understand and foresee their effects.)

However, even though the Qliphothic forces aren’t weakened because of the debilitation of a planet, the states of the planets still of course have effects in our lives as they are some of the very emanations and upholders of cosmic destiny, archonic forces proper.

Thus, by studying the art of traditional astrology we can foresee specific events and dangers to look out for, and through sorcerous means we may then be able to protect ourselves from the said influences. The same goes for the other way around – if Mars is in a dignified state it can make the effects of martial workings stronger, for even if the source we call upon for such work is an Outer one in Essence beyond cosmic limitations, the manifestations on this side of the Tehiru are still dependent on astrological factors and might increase or decrease accordingly.

One can reach far by choosing the fitting planetary day and hour for a specific work and it is always better to do something compared to doing nothing, but if one studies astrology deeper there are many other factors that one could make use of.

Examining the birth chart in order to overcome and Become

The similar perspective can be assumed when studying one’s own birth chart, which in itself is important to do in order to identify and become able to overcome certain weaknesses in personality which may otherwise block one’s initiatic Becoming.

Also in this case there are two ways of working. For example, if Mercury is well placed and strong in one’s chart, and pointing towards good communication abilities within the individual, there is no point in specifically working against these abilities ”just for the hell of it”, but the better alternative is to make use of these abilities for the greater good of the Work, for example in different forms of writing and other poetic aspects that can be employed for Spiritual ends. This is one aspect of the breaking of cosmic destiny, as the ”gift” given by birth is being used for much loftier goals than it was intended for by archonic decree.

On the other hand, if for example the Ascending sign is a cardinal/moveable one and the Ascendant ruler is also placed in a cardinal sign, it could indicate an unreliable personality that might jeopardize one’s ability to uphold focus upon the work. When such negative traits are identified astrologically, one can contemplate how these specific archonic expressions can become counteracted through the relevant Qliphothic Forces.

The above should be considered as examples only, and obviously there are a lot more to delve into than these two factors.

To contemplate one’s own personality and it’s positive and negative traits is a good preparation before conducting the time consuming work of studying one’s birth chart, wherein the mentioned character traits will show themselves. To study one’s personal birth chart in a detailed manner is also crucial for understanding how the current positions of the planets affect the life of an individual, through the study of the transits/aspects created by the current planetary positions in comparison to one’s birth chart.

Even though it goes without saying it should here be underlined that 99 % of all ”astrologers” active on the internet should be avoided and the best alternative is of course to study the traditional sources available, especially when it comes to the interpretation of charts as the online ”calculators” seldom takes all important aspects into account.

The correct interpretation of birth charts may of course also be helpful when it comes to spell work against others, and while a photo or personal belonging to the target can help create the occult link to him or her, the knowledge of the person’s date and time of birth could further add to the magical results of the work, as one is then able to study the person’s characteristics and weaknesses in a more detailed way through the erecting of a correct chart, and thus also by experience learn how, and above all when, the person in question is best afflicted.

The arts of the Fallen Watchers and the First Blacksmith

Furthermore, the connections between astrology and the Fallen Watchers is of course also of relevance and in the Book of Enoch it is stated that Sariel (”prince of God”) taught men the courses of the moon and that Baraqiel (”lightning of God”) taught astrology.

In my own case this is very relevant, as within my own personal work during the last years I have placed a lot of focus upon workings related to the Hamadryadic Armour sigil, which led me towards certain insights about its connections to the realms and virtues of Tubal Qayin/Azazel, which in turn further led to specific Tubal-Qayin Azazel work proper, and the fact that I later felt the urge and inspiration to start working with the Qliphothic Zodiac and traditional astrology studies I relate to inspiration in Spirit which ”naturally” followed the workings from the Hamadryadic Armour sigil via Azazel and pointing me in this specific direction, thus showing and underlining to me the connections between the Black in Green, the Fallen Watchers and the Sitra Achra.

As a sidenote an interesting finding from the University of Michigan can be mentioned, which is a clay bowl from the 6th or 7 th century AD bearing this inscription which showing how the names of these two Watchers have been used in magical practice:

”… and I wrote all of the curses upon a new bowl of clay and I sent back the curses of those who cursed Negray daughter of Denday to their masters until they release and bless in the name of Sariel the angel and Barakiel the angel and in the name of Sariel and Barakiel you release from the curses of those who curse Negray daughter of Denday as a man is freed from the house of bondage and from the house of weapons.”

Another aspect for contemplation is the connection between astrology and the arts of Tubal Qayin. Tubal Qayin is the First Blacksmith and ”an instructor of every craftsman in bronze and iron” as well as ”very expert and famous in martial performances, … and first of all invented the art of working brass.” (Antiquities of the Jews).

The metalwork associations given to Tubal Qayin are many and his art connects naturally to that of traditional astrology, of course through the alchemical connections between the seven planets and the metals.

By combining these aspects of wisdom and art we are able to make use of the currents in motion in the heavens ”above” (by astrological studies and interpretation) in our work ”below” by knowing the correct planetary attributes of the metals to be employed and how to employ them, which further shows how the ”fall” of the Watchers grants us sorcerous elevation and addition to the insights taught by Qayin and Q****** about for example the attributes of the elements and spirits of the green kingdom.

Furthermore, in addition to the forging of physical and spiritual weapons and shields, the work of the First Blacksmith can be seen as a metaphor for the shaping of, and dominance over, one’s own destiny, which in turn is similar to what studies and experience in traditional astrology could lead towards. On that same topic, this post ends here with a quote from the legendary manuscript of astrological magic known as The Picatrix:

”By sages, magical images are called talismans, which may be translated ”violators”, because whoever makes an image does so by violence, and makes it by conquering the substance of which it is made.”

A prayer to Qayin Mortifer

Mighty Master Qayin, I N.N. who am of your Fiery Bloodline call out to you on this Winter Solstice night, during the auspicious time in which the veil of separation is lifted and your holy intrusion into this side of the great divide blesses and curses All!  

By martial fury and saturnal venom, may the restrictions placed upon the race of Adam hold no power over us, who are Outsiders amongst them, and lead us, O Forceful One, further towards Liberation, through the elimination of everything and everyone standing in the way of our Spiritual Becoming and the accomplishment of your Great Work! 

Crowned Reaper, hear my supplications on this night when I through Fiery Will aim to manipulate the currents in motion, so that the very powers of the enslavers become turned against their own servants and so aid in the destruction of our enemies, all through your Grace and the Sorcerous Might you bestow upon your faithful! 

Master Qayin, May your Divine Will be my guiding Light and bless me through your wrathful subduing of all that is not in harmony with the Spirit born from your own side, and help me recognize my own inner weaknesses, all of which I must overcome in order to Become in accordance with your own Holy Image! 

Holy Saint of Killers, you who as the Psychopomp of the Other Side bless us with the presence of your Deathless Legions during these liminal nights of your Hunt, possess me, your faithful devotee so that I on each and every plane of existence can act in accordance with the Divine Spark of Black Light Within and continue to see through the illusory restrictions placed upon me by all Archonic lackeys of cruel fate! 

May the effects manifested through the work of your faithful on this night be everlasting, and may those who have failed your Path continue to be reminded about that which they have abandoned for the sake of meaningless confinement and clay-born debasement, and in a deserving and just manner let us all receive the Blessings and Curses of your Mark, ever branded upon upon those setting foot upon your Path! 

Holy Qayin Mortifer, as your will is mine and my will yours and all that  I strive to become is manifested through your Great Essence, I place myself in front of your Cross and ask for your deserved benedictions and maledictions to befall me on this night, when the Great Work is again conducted in your name, for the sake of your Eternal Glory and the Divine Cause of Azerate, to which I have forever sworn myself! 

Karatnu Berith et-Maveth, V’im-Azerate Asinu Chozeh! 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

The prayer above was written specifically for the Winter Solstice workings this upcoming Monday.

Salve Qayin Mortifer! 

Esoteric virtues of home grown plants

When it comes to ritual harvest from the green kingdom, it is of great importance to consider the ”secondary causes of attribution” (mentioned in Liber Falxifer 2) and the actual place where the plant or tree is growing. 

The Genius Loci, or spirit of the place, always has an influence upon that which grows within its domain. This influence can become intentionally reinforced by the focused Will of the sorcerer towards specific purposes.  

An example of this is to create a protective and banishing formula consisting of seven or more plants that has grown inside one’s home or garden.  

The process can be started already with seeds, which by the blessings of Qayin Sator become charged and conjured with the specific Will to establish a protective barrier around one’s home, before they are physically sown. 

During the later growing and cultivation of the plants the bond between practitioner and plant spirit grows ”naturally” stronger and one can make sure to have a good relationship with the spirits already in place before harvest time comes.  

Even if not planted or sown by oneself, the plants and trees growing in one’s garden still carry connections to the Tomte (home spirit-guardian) and because of such connections they are good to employ in matters related to protection of the home and its inhabitants.  

Still, as magic does not simply happen just because one picks a magically potent plant and burn it as incense, there is the need to focus the specific intention during the rites of harvest to make sure that the harvested share holds the virtues one seeks.  

In the example we give here, the operator harvested the following seven plants from his herbal garden during a night and hour of Venus:   

Tobacco, rue, sage, wormwood, St John’s wort, oregano and lavender.  

Offerings were given to the Tomte and the plant spirits, and the harvest was made using a consecrated sickle. 

The harvested share was brought inside (without touching the ground) and placed upon the activated Hamadryadic Armour Sigil to further focus and empower the Legions of Akeldama upon it.  

Prayers were directed towards each of the Black in Green and the harvest was then tied into seven separate bundles and hanged to dry properly inside the altar room. 

The majority of the harvested share will be made into an incense blend to use for cleansing and protection rites, but some of it will also be tinctured and used for ink making to create paper talismans, written petitions etc.  

Mighty Amiahzatan, great dominating spirit, may your fiery breath act as a guardian of my work by keeping away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Spirit of rue, let your cleansing fires act harshly upon all unclean forces directed at me by the evil eyes of the enemy, and keep away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Spirit of sage, grant your holy virtues of illumination to your allies so that no feeble attempt at diminishing us will go unseen, and aid so in the work of keeping away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Mighty wormwood spirit, let your martial fires be present within this sevenfold formula and return all negative energies directed at us back to their sender, and keep away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Great daemon of St. John’s wort, lend your powers of excorcism and cleansing to my work and aid so in the furthering of our Holy Cause, by keeping away all unwanted unfluences from this our dwelling place! 

Spirit of oregano, protect me and my work against the lackeys of the law and let me go unseen by their spying eyes by lending your virtues to this formula that shall keep away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Wonderful spirit of lavender, lend me your powers to wash away all unclean energies and attract only the spiritual influences in harmony with our Sacred Work, and for the glory of Qayin and Q****** may all unwanted influences become banished from this our dwelling place! 

May the seven summoned spirits of the green kingdom now act as one as I establish the shield that shall keep away all unwanted intruding forces from this place where our Master and Lady are seated! 

Hail the Legions of Akeldama! 

Contemplations on Qayinite Telestic Fetishism and the corresponding Inner Alchemy

ensWithin our Tradition a central concept and mode of Work is that of spirit animation, ensoulment and telestic fetishism. By the gathering and mixing of elements in harmony with the Spirit Essence that we wish to give an earthly Throne, for example in the form of an altar fetish, the golden Chain of Sympathy is established and act as a bridge between practitioner and Spirit. Continue reading

Gnosticism and the Current 2182


”In regard to those who belong to the world we do not concern ourselves: if they slander us, we pay no attention to them; if they curse us and cast shame in our faces we just look on without saying a word. For they go to their work, but we wander about in hunger and thirst, looking toward our dwelling place, the place to which our public conduct and our conscience look forward. We do not adhere to the things which have come into being but draw back from them, because our hearts repose on things that really exist. We are indeed ill, weak and afflicted, but a great strength is hidden within us.” – NHC VI 3,26-,6-26

We have on a couple of occasions been asked if we consider the religion of 218/182 to be a form of gnosticism, or if we make any distinction between our religion of the Other God and gnosticism. Continue reading

Invocation of Azazel


We have been given the kind permission from one of our Elders to share the following invocation of Azazel, which all children of the Fire-Bearer may benefit from during the workings on this auspicious Maundy Thursday Night:


By the Standing Rock and the Holy Stone

By the Wooden Throne and the Crown of Horns

I call upon the King of the Fallen Host


Azazel come and make me see

As I break the chains to set you free

Come, bring the fire between your horns

In the name of our Master of the Bloody Thorns


Light up the Crossroads and open the gates

Guide my steps through the hidden Pathways

To the Summit of the Black Mountain lead me

As one of your own children now receive me


Azazel I pray, come to me

Stamp your hooves in violent ecstasy

Receive the simple offerings I bring

And in return mark and initiate me


In awakened state, within a dream

Let me join your Sabbath’s gathering

To abandon the company of humankind

And widdershins dance in your circle round


Azazel, come to me

Teach me your wisdom that lets me see

How to break the enslaving shackles of cruel destiny!