A Spy Wednesday Blessing from the Temple

“May all of the Curses of our Gods fall upon and Crush the Heads of the Imposters and the Unfaithful!

May each weak breath and disgraceful step taken by the wretched bring them closer to Those Who Shall Bring About Their Fitting Ends!

May the Sickles of the Legions of Nod become Reddened through their Deliverance of Swift Justice!

May Akeldama Unfold Perpetually, through the Sowing and Reaping of the Strong and the Steadfast!

May the Snares set by our enemies become the Nooses of Death around their own Necks!

In the Holy Name of Qayin, the Venenifer, Mortifer and Umbrifer, It Will Be So!

AMeN + AMeN! (=182)”

The Qliphothic Zodiac – Part three

A prayer to Adimiron

The following prayer has been used in Qliphothic Zodiac workings during the dominion of Adimiron, the Qliphoth of Taurus. 

To write these types of prayers based on personal Gnosis, directed towards each Legion of the Zodiac Princes, is a good way to focus the results of studies and meditative/contemplative work for each Zodiac sign and its Qliphothic counter-part, and a recommended addition to the Work for all practitioners who focus on these forces on a regular basis. 

In the name of Azerate I call upon the Bull-headed Dragons of the Qliphothic Zodiac, Adimiron the Bloody Ones!

Hear my Will o Mighty Princes of the Other Side, and bless me by gathering your Legions in my presence on this night of your strong influence and dominion!

I N.N., who have entered the Covenant of the Eleven Heads seek now to further enlink my Self to Sitra Achra through your Grace, so that your power may become reflected through me within and without, for the greater Good of our Holy Cause!

By the blood spilt and the life-force sacrificed, may the sympathetic elements constituting your ladder of ascent and descent be quickened, so that your sorcerous might can empower my Work and so add to the weakening of the demiurgic forces within and without, for the Glory of the Unknown God beyond and before all!

Mighty Adimiron, let me become your weapon now that you clash with your mirrored opposite whose archonic ruling strives to uphold the Tree of Lies, and may the nails that bind Spirit to matter so become further loosened, so that I by the Vav of Sitra Achra may conquer new thrones in your Holy Name and rise up against the enslaving forces governing the web of destiny meant to crucify me through the shortcomings in my personal horoscope!

By the power of the Great Intercessor and Pact-Maker Qayin Baal Berith I, who am of His Fiery Lineage call unto you Adimiron ha-Azerate, and ask you to identify my Will that is the spark of Spirit that ignites as the Black Flame, and bless me with your empowerments to bring illumination where possible and eradication to everything else, all in accordance with the Thoughtless Cause of Azerate el Acher, to which I have sworn my whole existence and beyond through the unbreakable Treaties and Covenants entered into in the presence of the Overseeing Wardens of our Current!

In the name of and for the cause of Azerate, come to me Mighty Adimiron and grant me a fraction of your boundless power so that I with your blessings may take further steps on the Path towards Liberation, and I shall let all my victories to come add to your endless Glory that forever shall dispel the influences of the blind and enslaved archons of this cursed creation, and by my own Becoming and Inner Alchemy I swear to forever act as a Liminal Point of Intrusion for all forces linked to your Essence to further aid in the Holy Cause that shall continue until nothing is and All is Nothing in the Unbound Fullness of Pleromatic Emptiness!

Karatnu Berith et-Maveth, V’im-Azerate Asinu Chozeh!

+ + + + + + + + + + +

A prayer to Qayin Mortifer

Mighty Master Qayin, I N.N. who am of your Fiery Bloodline call out to you on this Winter Solstice night, during the auspicious time in which the veil of separation is lifted and your holy intrusion into this side of the great divide blesses and curses All!  

By martial fury and saturnal venom, may the restrictions placed upon the race of Adam hold no power over us, who are Outsiders amongst them, and lead us, O Forceful One, further towards Liberation, through the elimination of everything and everyone standing in the way of our Spiritual Becoming and the accomplishment of your Great Work! 

Crowned Reaper, hear my supplications on this night when I through Fiery Will aim to manipulate the currents in motion, so that the very powers of the enslavers become turned against their own servants and so aid in the destruction of our enemies, all through your Grace and the Sorcerous Might you bestow upon your faithful! 

Master Qayin, May your Divine Will be my guiding Light and bless me through your wrathful subduing of all that is not in harmony with the Spirit born from your own side, and help me recognize my own inner weaknesses, all of which I must overcome in order to Become in accordance with your own Holy Image! 

Holy Saint of Killers, you who as the Psychopomp of the Other Side bless us with the presence of your Deathless Legions during these liminal nights of your Hunt, possess me, your faithful devotee so that I on each and every plane of existence can act in accordance with the Divine Spark of Black Light Within and continue to see through the illusory restrictions placed upon me by all Archonic lackeys of cruel fate! 

May the effects manifested through the work of your faithful on this night be everlasting, and may those who have failed your Path continue to be reminded about that which they have abandoned for the sake of meaningless confinement and clay-born debasement, and in a deserving and just manner let us all receive the Blessings and Curses of your Mark, ever branded upon upon those setting foot upon your Path! 

Holy Qayin Mortifer, as your will is mine and my will yours and all that  I strive to become is manifested through your Great Essence, I place myself in front of your Cross and ask for your deserved benedictions and maledictions to befall me on this night, when the Great Work is again conducted in your name, for the sake of your Eternal Glory and the Divine Cause of Azerate, to which I have forever sworn myself! 

Karatnu Berith et-Maveth, V’im-Azerate Asinu Chozeh! 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

The prayer above was written specifically for the Winter Solstice workings this upcoming Monday.

Salve Qayin Mortifer! 

Invocation of Azazel


We have been given the kind permission from one of our Elders to share the following invocation of Azazel, which all children of the Fire-Bearer may benefit from during the workings on this auspicious Maundy Thursday Night:


By the Standing Rock and the Holy Stone

By the Wooden Throne and the Crown of Horns

I call upon the King of the Fallen Host


Azazel come and make me see

As I break the chains to set you free

Come, bring the fire between your horns

In the name of our Master of the Bloody Thorns


Light up the Crossroads and open the gates

Guide my steps through the hidden Pathways

To the Summit of the Black Mountain lead me

As one of your own children now receive me


Azazel I pray, come to me

Stamp your hooves in violent ecstasy

Receive the simple offerings I bring

And in return mark and initiate me


In awakened state, within a dream

Let me join your Sabbath’s gathering

To abandon the company of humankind

And widdershins dance in your circle round


Azazel, come to me

Teach me your wisdom that lets me see

How to break the enslaving shackles of cruel destiny!

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part five

A working of Protection and the Reversal of negative energies

This text is meant to present a ritual constructed through the inspiration attained from direct communion with the Spirits connected to the Hamadryadic Armour Sigil, with the goal to in a concrete way make magical use of the protective aspects of the forces accessible through the correctly activated sigil. Continue reading

Prayer for the Mighty Dead

On this Night overtaken as a tradition-specific point in time reserved for the celebration and commemoration of Our Saints ,Martyrs and Faithful Dead we would like to, with permission, share the following prayer from Liber Falxifer 2:

“In remembrance of the Blessed Dead I pray, O Mighty God, for the Spirits of the Faithful both known and unknown I now pray to you; grant to them your Endless Power; let the Black Illuminating Light from beyond the cosmic barriers shine upon them; grant them, I pray to you, Eternal Bliss, and the Holy Splendour of your Gnosis!

O Eternal Divinity, you who rule outside of the prison-house of finite creation, I pray to you to cast upon me, and all your other faithful children, the shadowless rays of your Thoughtless Light, and grant that we all, who are following the examples of those Mighty Dead who have already achieved your Gnosis, become able to climb the steps of the Cross and ascend through the Point of the Flame Crowned Skull, and thus one day attain the same transcendence as those Mighty Ones now free from the shackles of finite life!

I praise you, Alien Divinity Before and Beyond All Aeons, for the blessings already bestowed upon those for whose memory and mighty deeds I continually give to you thanks, and pray that I may one day become, like them, fit to enter the Kingdom of Black Light and in Spirit attain union with all those with whom I share True Kinship!

I pray to you, O Mighty and Unknown God, to eternally empower those who in life and through death sought your Truth and ask you to ever keep them on Your Path, leading back to the Source of Divinity, even beyond that glorious Other Side to where I strive and in where they now reside, so that we all may join you in Formless, Limitless and Endless Power and Glory!

May the Light of the Un-Manifest shine upon the Faithful Dead and may they all see and know that they are not forgotten by those still shackled to the dungeons of finite life and rejoice in the knowledge that their cause is still championed upon Earth, as it is on the Other Side!

I pray for the Mighty Dead, who have paved the Path of Thorns upon which I now walk and I ask you, O Divinity Most High, to bless them eternally and ever draw them closer to your own Holy Spirit, so that they, as drops of rain falling back into the eternal sea of their origin, may achieve fullness in your Non-Being!

All praise to those of the Spirit, to the Awakeners of the Spirit and to the Divine Source of the Spirit!


A Glorification to the Spirit of Jalapa



I salute the Mighty Conqueror root,
you whose forceful powers put my rivals under heel,
You who are the opener of the roads of conquest,
leading those you favour towards victory.

Good spirit of Jalapa, you are the one who have broken the obstacles in my path and the one who have paved the way for copious earnings through all that involves ‘”luck” and “coincidences”.

I NN give my praise and thanks unto you,
as it is to your glorious might that I owe my victories.
I praise the Great spirit of martial fires and solaric radiance.

Salve Spiritus Jalapa!

In the name of Qayin shall I continue to praise your name and might,
and on tuesday nights in the hour of mars offer to you libation, smoke and flame.

May you so grow in power and through dominating force bless my work,
and I shall spread the words of your Mastery over the opening of paths,
dominion over minds and Conquest.

Salve Spiritus Jalapa!

Hail to the Mighty Spirit of Jalapa,
May you always come to me in my times of need,
I shall call your name, hold you in my left hand,
thrice I shall knock with your root upon our Master’s altar,
And know that offerings will be served for the sorcerous powers sought
and your Might praised.

Salve Spiritus Jalapa!

Glorification to Qayin


(“Glorification to Qayin” written by Magister N.A-A.218, from the forthcoming “Liber Falxifer IV – The Book of Qayinite Treaties” (formerly subtitled as “The Book of Reddened Thorns, Gilded Bones and Black Fire”) material, shared here on this Monday with kind permission, in order to give thanks to Master Qayin for the blessings of victory He have bestowed upon certain aspects of the ongoing Work of the Temple/T.F.C.)

Glorification to Qayin

Glory and praise to Saint Qayin, the beacon of those that abandon this world of filth and profane madness and strive instead to bring about the end of its degradation!

All honour and devotion to Master Qayin, the Swift Judge and Executioner, the Merciless Sickle of the Other God, the Severe Saint of Death, who always answers the prayers of His own kin!

Hail to the Master Qayin, the Patron of Outlaws, dispensing justice more true and far above and beyond the laws of god-made man and man-made gods!

Salutations and extolment to Master Qayin, for and through whom nothing is impossible and all goals can be reached and all demiurgic limitations and barriers breached!

Thankfulness and fidelity without end to Master Qayin, the King of Nod who first paved the Path of Reddened Thorns, Gilded Bones and Black Fire, through which those bearing the Mark can Become as Him and discard and leave behind the broken shells of Adamite Clay!

All tribute and sacrifice to Master Qayin, as through Him all but the Eternal and Spiritual is transcended and every chain of worldly attachment broken!

Highest Exaltation to the Grandest Point of Apotheosis as, within and through our Master Qayin, towards the throne of K-Ain, the Fire-Crowned Head of Azerate Elohim Acherim!


Prayer to the Mighty Dead

I humbly call upon thee with utmost love and reverence in my heart, and ask you who are of the Blessed and Mighty Dead of the Fiery Bloodline of Qayin, to come forth on this Holy night which is established in your name in which the living of the Serpent Brood gather to give praise and honor to those who have crossed over and transcended!

We, the living of the Bloodline hail the Mighty Dead! We have not forgotten your deeds of sacrifice and transgression!

Come now and accept these offerings, my beloved Brothers and Sisters, in the name our Father and Mother, the progenitors of our Bloodline, Qayin and Qalmana!

On this night, we celebrate Their, and your liberation!

I come before you on this sacred night, and make this vow and pact to hereforth give offerings and my undying devotion to the Mighty Dead of my Bloodline! From this day forth, I promise to be faithful and give homage to the beloved ones of my own kind!

I can only humbly ask in return, be it Thy will and the will of our Master, to help me with my own path of lawless transgression and becoming, and if I may be deemed worthy by my own deeds, on the day and hour of my death may join those Blessed and Mighty Ones who now dwell on the Other Side!

Come! I welcome thee with open arms and love in my heart O’ Brothers and Sisters, and receive these offerings I give to you in your name!

Hail the Mighty Dead!

Hail Qayin and Qalmana!

Hail Azerate!