A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook Part 4



Once you have acquired bone from the cemetery soil that have been conjured to carry the kind of Dead that serve you in Qayin’s name, you need to keep it and feed it properly and set it firmly under Master’s power, so that you can further empower the dead towards your own needs.
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How to Become a Werewolf

usurpator element 1

The following are few relevant extracts from the book WERWOLVES, by Elliott O’Donnell. While the book itself and author may not possess much when it comes to academic credibility there is something about his fanciful recounting of different rituals and lore that according to us is truly Inspired. This especially applies to his way of retelling and embellishing of the rituals that he presents and the way he himself most likely have worded the invocation and prayers, which on different levels touch upon for us relevant esoteric factors within the lycanthropic mysteries of the Current 2182.
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