Usurpatio Locii – Part two

IMG_1796In this text belonging to our series of workings aimed at the reclaiming and usurping of places of power for the Current and the Spirits of 2182, I will present now the second one which I travelled to In order to be reclaimed and taken over by the Legions of the King of Bones. Continue reading

Usurpatio Locii

We at the Covenant of Sorcerous Fire have been invited by our Teachers to participate in a project aimed at the Overtaking of relevant places of Power which by their nature are beneficial to our Current and whose energetic vibrations and essence can be taken over and redirected fully into or otherwise be placed under the influence of the Current 2182.

This will be the first of a series of texts concerning this “Usurpatio Locii” mission that we will publish here on the Covenant blog, specifically aimed at presenting and illustrating aspects of the Art of Overtaking Places of Influence and relevance to our Spiritual Path, that by their very nature can generally be placed under the dominion of our Master through the Fifth Station of the Derech ha-Pesha line, and from there become connected and ruled by any other specific station/s of Nod, like in this example those of the Gulgaltha Line.

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Satora’s Horn of Abundance

As a short explanation of the Horn of Abundance that was mentioned in my previous post of the Autumn Equinox Working, I will here outline the process of the making of said Horn that was hinted at in Liber Falxifer III and the private teachings received.
A horn from a bull was used in the creation of this fetish that was dedicated to Holy Satora.


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Autumnal Equinox Working

At the night of the Autumn Equinox that recently passed I conducted a working for our Holy Mother Q, in a Her aspect as the holder of the Horn of Abundance and Lady of the Good Harvest.

During the later evening of that day I went to a apple tree close to where I live, to give unto the spirit residing within it, awakened by recurring visits of harvest.
I watered its bark with Wine sweetened by cinnamon and honey, gave a gold coin and exhalation of the quickening and fiery breath of Amiahzatan, I asked for the spirit within to become nourished and strengthened and so in return let me pluck from its blessed fruits as offerings for our Goddess in order to empower my workings for the night.
7 Apples were taken and salutations was given to the Good spirit of the Tree.

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Poisoning of nails by the powers of Qayin Fossor

This report is intended to demonstrate my personal approach to consecrate nails for malefica workings when one for certain reasons can not buy coffin nails from the dead.

In many traditions, nails are used to cause affliction towards a target and normally the nails used are those that are rusty and can be bought from graveyards or even other loci dominated by malefic forces. Here where I live, nails of this kind can be bought from sorcery stores where the seller usually assures that those nails are taken from coffins or other places of interest, but rarely is this true. But when such claim is true, it is very rare to find nails that was bought in a appropriate approach that permits the nails to have the desired magical charge and thus those nails will not just cause afflictions towards the victim but also to the person employing them.

In order to avoid doubts related to the real origin of such nails, I decided to instead trust in my own hands and work.
So I bought some nails and via sorcerous workings charged them, through the powers of Master Qayin and his legions, with an appropriate and needed work to make them poisoned in order to afflict those it targets with malediction.
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Winter Solstice 2016 – Initiatic work and pact with Sator

On this winter solstice my main focus was to start my initiatic work with the Akeldama line so I made a pact with Master Sator, consecrated a talisman with his seal and the Sator Square, and a tincture dedicated to Him and the workings of His Station. In order to clarify things I live in the southern hemisphere so here winter solstice comes on June 20th, differently from the northern hemisphere where on this date the Summer Solstice is celebrated instead.

It should be clarified that the initiatory work can only be started after at least 4×13 months of cultivation of the fully seated altar-throne of Master Qayin, as this is the amount of time required before actual work and activation of the Cross-Seals.

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Working of Praise to the Master of Nod – Good Friday of 2016

Within the Qayinite tradition the Good Friday is one of most important dates, representing the day that Qayin and Q. murdered Abel and Kelimat, and these transgressive acts caused the full awakening of Qayin and Q. to the Thoughtless Cause via Atazoth and thus formed the covenant between the Other God, the Forces of Sitra Achra, Qayin and Q., the Holy Bloodline and all enspirited elements and spirits that awakened as a consequence of these mighty deeds. Many important aspects became concretized and manifested at this moment, but here we will briefly mention some events related to the initial pavement of the Four Lines of Nod.

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