The Covenant of Sorcerous Fire is a pact sealed by a gathering of students of the 182 and 218 Current. On this page reports written about some of our workings will be posted, with the main focus being placed on the Qayinite Sorcery related to the plant spirits (the Black in Green), the workings of the souls of the dead (both the lowly and the elevated) as well as the different forms of Qliphothic workings.

All reports posted have been edited to be fit for public presentation after license was given from the spirits involved and with the blessings of those in the position to bless. All interpretations of omens, and the gnosis attained through the workings presented, are solely based upon the practitioner’s own insights and experiences and are not to be seen as representations for the Current 218 as a whole, and neither do we here represent any Temple related to the tradition in question.

The purpose behind this page is to inspire and connect with those that with us share the interest in the practice of our sorcery and to offer a source of reference for and insight into the actual workings related to the mentioned Current/s.

Visitors looking for a place for endless and meaningless general debating of “spiritual theories” or for us irrelevant philosophies are advised to search somewhere else, as we here shall hopefully teach something in the same way that we ourselves have learnt and continue to learn, and that is via the actual ritual praxis granting direct experience and insight from the spirit/Current.

We will not respond to comments on the blog posts and instead advise our followers to contact us on Instagram if needed. Our account can be found at this location : https://www.instagram.com/thecovenant182/

We are convinced that this page can serve its’ purpose as a source of inspiration for people that, just like ourselves, have chosen to dedicate a large part of their  lives to seek the arcane knowledge and powers attainable through the hard work related to the sorceries of the Points of Death and the Dead intersecting with those of Sitra Achra.

“We have a Covenant with Death and with Sheol we have a Pact!”

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