The Harvesting of Sacred Serpent Soil and its applications

A while back while hiking in the woods I came across a very rare and to us sacred event that usually does not happen in the plain view of people, or close to any place where people usually walk, and I decided to use and work with the auspiciousness of it. 

I happened to come across two bull snakes mating, which while the bull snake looks like a rattle snake it is a non-venomous snake that is seldom seen because they stay far away from people, so the fact that these two snakes were mating in plain view right next to a hiking trail was something special. 

I stood by and watched them while silently chanting, praying and admiring their sacred consummation which had made me to think the essential union of Sataninsam/Samaelilith, being the conjoined essence of the sacred masculine and feminine, the uniting of Satan and Lilith and their intrusion into ”the Garden of Eden”.

As the Holy Nachash is one of the most sacred totemic animals within the Current 2182, anything that it touches becomes blessed by its presence and therefore connected to the Serpent Force. 

Because of the serpents mating and their conjoining of polarities the spot I felt became sacred and blessed and the soil itself turned into a charged element connected to that very essence. 

After a few minutes the snakes had slithered away and I could discreetly mark the spot where they had been, in order to later come back in the night and properly harvest from the soil in the name of the Holy Nachashel.

The procedure of the harvesting of the soil followed a similar sequence as to “Buying of Grave Soil” instructed in the first Liber Falxifer book, with differences being that I was working in a forest and with the spirit of the Snake and not the Dead. 

I had also decided to use the ”Trollkniv” that was made years before in accordance with the Covenant blog post on Svartkonst. 

The reason I decided to use that Sorcery Knife, instead of for example any other was because of the statement concerning the  Trollkniv being able to “be used to conjure both Devils and the Dead.” 

As the serpent has always been held as a representative of the “Devil” I found the knife in question to be a perfect conjuring tool, while also practically be able to pierce the ground and loosen the soil during its harvest. 

Once the Spirits and Legions of Nod had been saluted in the name of the First Born of the Serpent, Master Qayin and Sancta Q, I had encircled the spot where the snakes had been mating with the Trollkniv, while conjuring the Serpent Force that had blessed the soil so it could be used for the “Work of the Cunning and Wise”.

The usual offering of liquor sprayed from the mouth, the giving of the smoke of Amiahzatan, incense, coins and candles where then given to the Spirit of the Place and first afterwards was 7 spoonfuls of the sacred soil collected and placed within a red and in beforehand cleansed pouch.

The soil itself has since then been worked with for a while and now taken part of the offerings given on Good Friday, and has a myriad of possible uses, while being a sacred element in itself similar to Field of Harvest soil or Gulgaltha soil, it can also be used to load fetishes and talismans connected to the Nachash or Satan and Lilith in their conjoined aspects. 

It can be used as an empowering element in tinctures, oils and incense blends connected to any aspect of the Serpent Force, or to be sprinkled in order to bless a spot with such force. 

I have for example also used the soil to further empower a talisman I have consisting of a loaded rattle snake head that now rests on top of the mojo bag filled with the Serpent Soil.

(As I had managed to take a couple of pictures of the encounter itself it was suggested to me that I could maybe make a ritual report out of it, which now resulted in this blog post.)

Hail the Holy Serpent!

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