The Qliphothic Zodiac – Part two

Electional Astrology and preparations for Pact Work

When it comes to the practical part of the initial work with the Zodiac Princes of the Other Side, the first thing I do is to study and contemplate the descriptions of these forces given in The Book of Sitra Achra and during their time of dominion gather the corresponding elements needed when it comes to herbs, minerals, animalia etc.

The elements are cleansed, dedicated and consecrated during relevant hours depending on their virtues and which specific Qliphothic legion is being focused upon at the time.

In the most simple settings these workings can be done during the night hour of the ruling planet, when the planetary force always have some form of influence. So for example when it comes to Dagdagiron, the Qliphoth of Capricorn, the ruling planet is Saturn and thus the night hours of Saturn are suitable for work.

With time the workings expand and the elements are employed in different ways to create the elemental ladder and ”chain of sympathy” to the Essence sought. The giving of the incense blend and use of stones and other relevant elements in combination with prayers to the Zodiac Princes for further inspiration and insights. The results of these workings are then noted and taken into considerance at a later stage when the text of the written pact will be put together. The more one learn about the Divine essence sought, the more focused will the outcome of the Pact become.

The next thing is to, by the studying and employment of traditional astrology, make up a plan for when the actual ritual of Pact Work should take place. In this case I take into considerance all astrological factors I can think of in order to find out which date and hour (during the time of dominion of the specific Zodiac Prince/s) that is most suitable for the work. There is no general ”rule of thumb” in these spiritual matters a lot of study and contemplation is needed for it, which is a great part of the Good Work itself.

(During these studies it is common that several alternative dates/hours that are ”equal in strength” come during the same period, and in such cases I try to make use of them not only for the pact work but also for talismanic work, which will be the topic of another post.)

Taking Dagdagiron again as an example, here are a couple of things that I took into consideration when choosing of the day and hour for the sealing of the initial written Pact:

  • The Lunar Mansions and phases of the Moon are always of relevance. I wanted to do the Pact work during the Waxing phase (in order for the ”relationship” to grow and as a symbol of Becoming).
  • When looking at the Lunar Mansions during the waxing phase, I found the 26th mansion to be auspicious, and for example Agrippa says that ”It makes for the union and love of men, for the health of captives, it destroys prisons and buildings.”
  • The day when the Moon entered the 26th Lunar Mansion was a Friday, ruled by Venus which I deemed as fitting, among other reasons because of its connections to relationships, in this case of course the relationship to Spirit.

When these things had been noted I studied the chart of the Saturn hours of that same Friday because of the mentioned Saturn connection to Dagdagiron. It turned out that it was a very auspicious time for the working planned:

  • Ascendant ruler was Venus, and as mentioned above, Venusian influences is contextually fitting.
  • Saturn was the sole Domicile planet of the chart, placed in the Fourth House that relates to matters such as ”home”, ”ancestry”, ”tradition” etc.
  • Saturn had the most essential dignities of all planets, its ”score” being 8 which is to be considered high, telling further that it has a strong influence.
  • Mercury was the second strongest planet of the chart, thus adding its influences of ”communication” and the ”messenger of the Gods” in a strong way during the said hour.
  • Saturn was furthermore in Aquarius along with three other planets. As Saturn rules the sign which it was also in, its influence over other planets waas further emphasized.

Based on this and further studies on for example the accidental dignities and debilities during that planetary hour I decided it was a suitable time for the pact work.

The remaining period of Dagdagiron’s dominion was then continued with nightly focus upon the establishing of the pact and the wording of its text and expression, leading up to the chosen auspicious night when it was signed in blood, preceeded of course by the ceremonial rite of offerings and the erecting of the elemental ladder leading up towards Spirit.

The photo at the top of this post is from one of the workings with Dagdagiron, where the focus was put on the connections to Azazel and the Seirim.