A prayer to Qayin Mortifer

Mighty Master Qayin, I N.N. who am of your Fiery Bloodline call out to you on this Winter Solstice night, during the auspicious time in which the veil of separation is lifted and your holy intrusion into this side of the great divide blesses and curses All!  

By martial fury and saturnal venom, may the restrictions placed upon the race of Adam hold no power over us, who are Outsiders amongst them, and lead us, O Forceful One, further towards Liberation, through the elimination of everything and everyone standing in the way of our Spiritual Becoming and the accomplishment of your Great Work! 

Crowned Reaper, hear my supplications on this night when I through Fiery Will aim to manipulate the currents in motion, so that the very powers of the enslavers become turned against their own servants and so aid in the destruction of our enemies, all through your Grace and the Sorcerous Might you bestow upon your faithful! 

Master Qayin, May your Divine Will be my guiding Light and bless me through your wrathful subduing of all that is not in harmony with the Spirit born from your own side, and help me recognize my own inner weaknesses, all of which I must overcome in order to Become in accordance with your own Holy Image! 

Holy Saint of Killers, you who as the Psychopomp of the Other Side bless us with the presence of your Deathless Legions during these liminal nights of your Hunt, possess me, your faithful devotee so that I on each and every plane of existence can act in accordance with the Divine Spark of Black Light Within and continue to see through the illusory restrictions placed upon me by all Archonic lackeys of cruel fate! 

May the effects manifested through the work of your faithful on this night be everlasting, and may those who have failed your Path continue to be reminded about that which they have abandoned for the sake of meaningless confinement and clay-born debasement, and in a deserving and just manner let us all receive the Blessings and Curses of your Mark, ever branded upon upon those setting foot upon your Path! 

Holy Qayin Mortifer, as your will is mine and my will yours and all that  I strive to become is manifested through your Great Essence, I place myself in front of your Cross and ask for your deserved benedictions and maledictions to befall me on this night, when the Great Work is again conducted in your name, for the sake of your Eternal Glory and the Divine Cause of Azerate, to which I have forever sworn myself! 

Karatnu Berith et-Maveth, V’im-Azerate Asinu Chozeh! 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

The prayer above was written specifically for the Winter Solstice workings this upcoming Monday.

Salve Qayin Mortifer!