Esoteric virtues of home grown plants

When it comes to ritual harvest from the green kingdom, it is of great importance to consider the ”secondary causes of attribution” (mentioned in Liber Falxifer 2) and the actual place where the plant or tree is growing. 

The Genius Loci, or spirit of the place, always has an influence upon that which grows within its domain. This influence can become intentionally reinforced by the focused Will of the sorcerer towards specific purposes.  

An example of this is to create a protective and banishing formula consisting of seven or more plants that has grown inside one’s home or garden.  

The process can be started already with seeds, which by the blessings of Qayin Sator become charged and conjured with the specific Will to establish a protective barrier around one’s home, before they are physically sown. 

During the later growing and cultivation of the plants the bond between practitioner and plant spirit grows ”naturally” stronger and one can make sure to have a good relationship with the spirits already in place before harvest time comes.  

Even if not planted or sown by oneself, the plants and trees growing in one’s garden still carry connections to the Tomte (home spirit-guardian) and because of such connections they are good to employ in matters related to protection of the home and its inhabitants.  

Still, as magic does not simply happen just because one picks a magically potent plant and burn it as incense, there is the need to focus the specific intention during the rites of harvest to make sure that the harvested share holds the virtues one seeks.  

In the example we give here, the operator harvested the following seven plants from his herbal garden during a night and hour of Venus:   

Tobacco, rue, sage, wormwood, St John’s wort, oregano and lavender.  

Offerings were given to the Tomte and the plant spirits, and the harvest was made using a consecrated sickle. 

The harvested share was brought inside (without touching the ground) and placed upon the activated Hamadryadic Armour Sigil to further focus and empower the Legions of Akeldama upon it.  

Prayers were directed towards each of the Black in Green and the harvest was then tied into seven separate bundles and hanged to dry properly inside the altar room. 

The majority of the harvested share will be made into an incense blend to use for cleansing and protection rites, but some of it will also be tinctured and used for ink making to create paper talismans, written petitions etc.  

Mighty Amiahzatan, great dominating spirit, may your fiery breath act as a guardian of my work by keeping away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Spirit of rue, let your cleansing fires act harshly upon all unclean forces directed at me by the evil eyes of the enemy, and keep away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Spirit of sage, grant your holy virtues of illumination to your allies so that no feeble attempt at diminishing us will go unseen, and aid so in the work of keeping away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Mighty wormwood spirit, let your martial fires be present within this sevenfold formula and return all negative energies directed at us back to their sender, and keep away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Great daemon of St. John’s wort, lend your powers of excorcism and cleansing to my work and aid so in the furthering of our Holy Cause, by keeping away all unwanted unfluences from this our dwelling place! 

Spirit of oregano, protect me and my work against the lackeys of the law and let me go unseen by their spying eyes by lending your virtues to this formula that shall keep away all unwanted influences from this our dwelling place! 

Wonderful spirit of lavender, lend me your powers to wash away all unclean energies and attract only the spiritual influences in harmony with our Sacred Work, and for the glory of Qayin and Q****** may all unwanted influences become banished from this our dwelling place! 

May the seven summoned spirits of the green kingdom now act as one as I establish the shield that shall keep away all unwanted intruding forces from this place where our Master and Lady are seated! 

Hail the Legions of Akeldama!