Contemplations on Qayinite Telestic Fetishism and the corresponding Inner Alchemy

ensWithin our Tradition a central concept and mode of Work is that of spirit animation, ensoulment and telestic fetishism. By the gathering and mixing of elements in harmony with the Spirit Essence that we wish to give an earthly Throne, for example in the form of an altar fetish, the golden Chain of Sympathy is established and act as a bridge between practitioner and Spirit. Continue reading

Gnosticism and the Current 2182


”In regard to those who belong to the world we do not concern ourselves: if they slander us, we pay no attention to them; if they curse us and cast shame in our faces we just look on without saying a word. For they go to their work, but we wander about in hunger and thirst, looking toward our dwelling place, the place to which our public conduct and our conscience look forward. We do not adhere to the things which have come into being but draw back from them, because our hearts repose on things that really exist. We are indeed ill, weak and afflicted, but a great strength is hidden within us.” – NHC VI 3,26-,6-26

We have on a couple of occasions been asked if we consider the religion of 218/182 to be a form of gnosticism, or if we make any distinction between our religion of the Other God and gnosticism. Continue reading