Invocation of Azazel


We have been given the kind permission from one of our Elders to share the following invocation of Azazel, which all children of the Fire-Bearer may benefit from during the workings on this auspicious Maundy Thursday Night:


By the Standing Rock and the Holy Stone

By the Wooden Throne and the Crown of Horns

I call upon the King of the Fallen Host


Azazel come and make me see

As I break the chains to set you free

Come, bring the fire between your horns

In the name of our Master of the Bloody Thorns


Light up the Crossroads and open the gates

Guide my steps through the hidden Pathways

To the Summit of the Black Mountain lead me

As one of your own children now receive me


Azazel I pray, come to me

Stamp your hooves in violent ecstasy

Receive the simple offerings I bring

And in return mark and initiate me


In awakened state, within a dream

Let me join your Sabbath’s gathering

To abandon the company of humankind

And widdershins dance in your circle round


Azazel, come to me

Teach me your wisdom that lets me see

How to break the enslaving shackles of cruel destiny!