Usurpatio Locii – Part two

IMG_1796In this text belonging to our series of workings aimed at the reclaiming and usurping of places of power for the Current and the Spirits of 2182, I will present now the second one which I travelled to In order to be reclaimed and taken over by the Legions of the King of Bones. Continue reading

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part six


Cleansing and divination

This text is a short presentation of a working that combines two of the attributes connected to the Hamadryadic Armour sigil, being those of protective cleansing and prophetic divination, attainable through the powers of the Black in Green that in union establish this sigil of their (and our) Master. Continue reading

The making of Magical Inks – Part one

image2Ink making is an extremely potent and useful Art especially when combined with the Seven Keys Blends presented in the Second Book of Falxifer.

In this instance I needed to create an Ink of Bane to use as a tool for different kinds of Malefica workings. Continue reading

Tradition and Ethos


Contemplations on the concept of ethos within an esoteric and tradition-specific context


The meaning of the Greek word ethos is the character that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology. It is the root of the word ethikos, meaning ”morality, showing moral character” and the origin of the English word ethics.

Rhetoric scholar S. Michael Halloran says that “To have ethos is to manifest the virtues most valued by the culture to and for which one speaks.” (Aristotle’s Concept of Ethos, or If Not His Somebody Else’s, 1982), a quote that in a generally fitting way sums up the meaning of the ethos term when discussed within the context of this text, and our intention here is to show how and why the assuming of the correct ethos harmonizing with Spirit is of importance, internally as well as externally, within our esoteric and initiatory settings. Continue reading