What is a Magical Current?

thecurrent - kopiaIntroduction:

This post is meant to give a presentation of how we within the Covenant, as students of the Current 2182 would describe a magical current, explain why the expression is particularly fitting in relation to 218/182, and to present how we would describe the difference between Current and Tradition, and how the two are connected to each other. Continue reading

The Hamadryadic Armour Sigil – Part three

IMG_7002 (1)I continued the working by during seven successive nights praying to the Black in Green involved to act as one within the Hamadryadic Armour Tincture and for each to bestow its powers of relevance to the work, in combination with shaking the bottle and directing tobacco smoke towards it in order to focus and empower the conjurations through the force of Amiahzatan. Continue reading