Prayer for the Mighty Dead

On this Night overtaken as a tradition-specific point in time reserved for the celebration and commemoration of Our Saints ,Martyrs and Faithful Dead we would like to, with permission, share the following prayer from Liber Falxifer 2:

“In remembrance of the Blessed Dead I pray, O Mighty God, for the Spirits of the Faithful both known and unknown I now pray to you; grant to them your Endless Power; let the Black Illuminating Light from beyond the cosmic barriers shine upon them; grant them, I pray to you, Eternal Bliss, and the Holy Splendour of your Gnosis!

O Eternal Divinity, you who rule outside of the prison-house of finite creation, I pray to you to cast upon me, and all your other faithful children, the shadowless rays of your Thoughtless Light, and grant that we all, who are following the examples of those Mighty Dead who have already achieved your Gnosis, become able to climb the steps of the Cross and ascend through the Point of the Flame Crowned Skull, and thus one day attain the same transcendence as those Mighty Ones now free from the shackles of finite life!

I praise you, Alien Divinity Before and Beyond All Aeons, for the blessings already bestowed upon those for whose memory and mighty deeds I continually give to you thanks, and pray that I may one day become, like them, fit to enter the Kingdom of Black Light and in Spirit attain union with all those with whom I share True Kinship!

I pray to you, O Mighty and Unknown God, to eternally empower those who in life and through death sought your Truth and ask you to ever keep them on Your Path, leading back to the Source of Divinity, even beyond that glorious Other Side to where I strive and in where they now reside, so that we all may join you in Formless, Limitless and Endless Power and Glory!

May the Light of the Un-Manifest shine upon the Faithful Dead and may they all see and know that they are not forgotten by those still shackled to the dungeons of finite life and rejoice in the knowledge that their cause is still championed upon Earth, as it is on the Other Side!

I pray for the Mighty Dead, who have paved the Path of Thorns upon which I now walk and I ask you, O Divinity Most High, to bless them eternally and ever draw them closer to your own Holy Spirit, so that they, as drops of rain falling back into the eternal sea of their origin, may achieve fullness in your Non-Being!

All praise to those of the Spirit, to the Awakeners of the Spirit and to the Divine Source of the Spirit!