A Glorification to the Spirit of Jalapa



I salute the Mighty Conqueror root,
you whose forceful powers put my rivals under heel,
You who are the opener of the roads of conquest,
leading those you favour towards victory.

Good spirit of Jalapa, you are the one who have broken the obstacles in my path and the one who have paved the way for copious earnings through all that involves ‘”luck” and “coincidences”.

I NN give my praise and thanks unto you,
as it is to your glorious might that I owe my victories.
I praise the Great spirit of martial fires and solaric radiance.

Salve Spiritus Jalapa!

In the name of Qayin shall I continue to praise your name and might,
and on tuesday nights in the hour of mars offer to you libation, smoke and flame.

May you so grow in power and through dominating force bless my work,
and I shall spread the words of your Mastery over the opening of paths,
dominion over minds and Conquest.

Salve Spiritus Jalapa!

Hail to the Mighty Spirit of Jalapa,
May you always come to me in my times of need,
I shall call your name, hold you in my left hand,
thrice I shall knock with your root upon our Master’s altar,
And know that offerings will be served for the sorcerous powers sought
and your Might praised.

Salve Spiritus Jalapa!

Thoughts Concerning Offerings to the Spirits


Before I share with you about some offerings I gave to Master Qayin as a form of thanks giving and payment for his lending of power to a consecration working, I would like to write just few points related to the general giving of offerings as it is a practice done by majority of authentic spiritual and magical traditions around the world as a very important factor in their practices, and considered as both a central part of the devotional work and an actual empowering payment to the spirits for the help, service, guidance, favor and development sought and received.
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A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook Part 6


Beans have historically been considered as Ghost-Carriers or otherwise ghost-traps in many cultures and contexts.

In Svartkonst there are a series of workings documented that would be familiar to those that have studied the Cyprianic and general goetic grimoire traditions, in which beans also are used in related fashion.
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Hin Håles Latin


This short text describes a simple spell based on the Sator Square, in svartkonst/trolldom contexts known as Fans Fyrkant or Djävulens Latin. (meaning the Devil’s Square or the Devil’s Latin) and in such settings most often used in workings of protection and healing, or when in need to catch a runaway or return stolen goods to its rightful owner.

The following is an example of a Swedish 18th century svartkonst spell used to return stolen goods, included in the book Signelser ock besvärjelser från medeltid ock nutid by Emanuel Linderholm. The name of the thief is here written on a piece of paper, followed by the Sator Arepo formula below, and underneath the formula the name of the thief is written again:


The translation of the text at the bottom reads ”The piece of paper is later put under an anvil, upon which one then starts to forge. This way the thief will be forced to return what he has stolen.” This is another good example of Points of Usurpation from Qayinite 182 perspective, related to the mysteries and Work of the First Blacksmith, and thus again shows how svartkonst praxis can become harmonious with our tradition-specific work.

As is mentioned in Liber Falxifer III, the Sator formula has great relevance from our Current-specific perspective and apart from codifying very well the Work of Reversal carried out by Master Qayin and His Bride (and those who follow in Their footsteps) it can also become practically employed in alignment with its’ Current-specific meanings if the practitioner is able to ”magico-poetically” see its hidden relevance in the working at hand.

The following spell is one example on how the formula can become employed in workings stretching from domination/subjugation to malediction, but the formula in itself can be fitting in many other contexts as well, and employed in similar ways for different ends.

A spell to weaken the enemy

On a Thursday night, take a piece of paper and write the name of your enemy on top and read the following prayer over it three times, holding the paper in your left hand close to your mouth:

The first Sower was the first Murderer and by His work of Reversal the life-force of N.N. shall now be drained, by the silencing of each letter spelling his name.      + + +

Then write the Sator formula under the name of the target, followed by the name of the target written again, now several times with one letter ”silenced” each time the name is written, in order to reverse or ”undo” the target from right to left, as in the following ”John Smith” example:



S  A  T  O  R

A  R  E  P  O

T  E  N  E  T

O  P  E  R  A

R  O  T  A  S












Take the paper and hold it over the incense smoke of a blend consisting of elements from raven and snake mixed with asafoetida, stinging nettles, hemlock, henbane and black pepper and read the Sator formula 49 times.

This paper can then be worked in a variety of ways, for example by being taken to the cemetery three Thursday (or Saturday) nights in a row, put on a chosen grave (or buried in the same) while the shade/s of the dead are conjured to strengthen the work and afflict the target. Alternatively the paper can be placed upon the grave and the Sator Formula is read over it, then a stone from the cemetery is used to beat upon the paper while the name of the target is ”read away” in the same diminishing manner as how it is written on the paper, and when the last letter has been uttered the stone is used one more time to hit the paper as a final marking of the enemy becoming ”silenced”, and the stone is then left upon the paper as one takes three steps back and leaves the place without looking back.

Similar work can also be done at places of violent accidents or crime. As a lighter alternative the paper can be placed in one’s left shoe or become buried under one’s own footprint turf in order to forever place the target under one’s own feet. It can furthermore be included as part of the load of an effigy meant to represent the target.

Instead of the paper one can alternatively use a piece of cloth cut out from for example the shirt or other clothing of the target, carrying connection to his or her essence.



A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook Part 5


The work presented in this note follows the same systematisation of cemetery work as some of the ones disclosed in the earlier workings presented, but this time connecting the practitioner’s Eye through the looking glass towards the dead.

The mirror so created can grant Ghost Sight in a few different forms and ways and will also act as a necromantic gate through which the dead can be summoned in different manners and for different ends.

According to our own Tradition the frame of the mirror would most often be marked with the 13 characters of Qayin’s Seventh Key, which is that of necromancy in general and contextually also the linear enlinkment to the 13 Stations of Gulgaltha.

The back of such mirror would also usually be lined with a cleansed and dedicated piece of parchment, upon which the tridecagram and certain other symbols would be drawn in Necromancy Ink, and then become consecrated “base and place” style upon the seal of the King of Gulgaltha, before finally being sealed on the back of the mirror (with the symbols facing the back of the looking glass).
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Glorification to Qayin


(“Glorification to Qayin” written by Magister N.A-A.218, from the forthcoming “Liber Falxifer IV – The Book of Qayinite Treaties” (formerly subtitled as “The Book of Reddened Thorns, Gilded Bones and Black Fire”) material, shared here on this Monday with kind permission, in order to give thanks to Master Qayin for the blessings of victory He have bestowed upon certain aspects of the ongoing Work of the Temple/T.F.C.)

Glorification to Qayin

Glory and praise to Saint Qayin, the beacon of those that abandon this world of filth and profane madness and strive instead to bring about the end of its degradation!

All honour and devotion to Master Qayin, the Swift Judge and Executioner, the Merciless Sickle of the Other God, the Severe Saint of Death, who always answers the prayers of His own kin!

Hail to the Master Qayin, the Patron of Outlaws, dispensing justice more true and far above and beyond the laws of god-made man and man-made gods!

Salutations and extolment to Master Qayin, for and through whom nothing is impossible and all goals can be reached and all demiurgic limitations and barriers breached!

Thankfulness and fidelity without end to Master Qayin, the King of Nod who first paved the Path of Reddened Thorns, Gilded Bones and Black Fire, through which those bearing the Mark can Become as Him and discard and leave behind the broken shells of Adamite Clay!

All tribute and sacrifice to Master Qayin, as through Him all but the Eternal and Spiritual is transcended and every chain of worldly attachment broken!

Highest Exaltation to the Grandest Point of Apotheosis as, within and through our Master Qayin, towards the throne of K-Ain, the Fire-Crowned Head of Azerate Elohim Acherim!