A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook Part 4



Once you have acquired bone from the cemetery soil that have been conjured to carry the kind of Dead that serve you in Qayin’s name, you need to keep it and feed it properly and set it firmly under Master’s power, so that you can further empower the dead towards your own needs.
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How to Become a Werewolf

usurpator element 1

The following are few relevant extracts from the book WERWOLVES, by Elliott O’Donnell. While the book itself and author may not possess much when it comes to academic credibility there is something about his fanciful recounting of different rituals and lore that according to us is truly Inspired. This especially applies to his way of retelling and embellishing of the rituals that he presents and the way he himself most likely have worded the invocation and prayers, which on different levels touch upon for us relevant esoteric factors within the lycanthropic mysteries of the Current 2182.
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A Quickening of Wolf Bone during the Blood Moon Eclipse

wolf bones Final.jpg

The following working was intended for the consecrating and recalling of the relevant sorcerous virtues related to the wolf, via the installment of its soul and daemon back into a wolf phalange bone, and was conducted during the now recently passed auspicious event of the Wolf/Blood Moon Eclipse, tapping so also into the secondary virtues related to that astrological occurrence.

This bone will, once fully empowered, be used as one of the animalia elements within a more complex (Ensouling) Tincture for the Pesha Line and had been acquired from a reliable source, thus proper consecration was needed in order to awaken the sorcerous virtues sought through this Osseous Enlinkment, in manner essentially similar to what is done when one for example buy herbal element and then quicken and recall their “Black”/Quintessence via the Green Point of the Skull (or if in the LF3 level of work through some of the Akeldama Cross-Seals).
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A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook Part 3


(This work is “slightly” more overtly Qayinite, but aligns with certain crucial Svartkonst Points that makes its inclusion justified within this article. It also serves to show that the general Current 182 approach to sorcery is always in line with traditional ones, as its roots stretches back towards the same sources of folklore and religion, as expressed by the people interpreting such codifications within their own cultural and social context and through their own folk-practices of benefica and malefica, Sota och Bota.)

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A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook Part 2



The knife must be forged during three consecutive Thursdays by being brought to a crossroads and there in the name of “Fans Trefaldighet” here named as Satan, Lucifer and Diabolos be heated in a small fire lit for the Devil and quenched in Brännvin.

(If the knife is one that have maimed or killed, either by accident or intentionally, it was believed to grant it even stronger powers. Same if the metal from which it originally had been made came from 3, 7 or 9 broken agricultural tools, such as sickles and scythes.)
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Clarification from T.F.C. Concerning the Buying and Selling of Qayinite Altar Fetishes

With the general growing interest in the Current 2182 from all over the world comes also unwanted attention from people who knowingly or unknowingly spread misinformation about the Work within the Tradition.

We were some weeks ago contacted by a person who were eager to show some statues that he had sculpted. The same person, we are told, also contacted Ixaxaar, asking among other things if it is possible to consecrate more than one altar fetish within one and the same Ablution Ritual (given in the first Liber Falxifer book) and it seemed that the person in question had planned to sell these statues to other people that were interested in getting started in 182, even though he himself admitted that he actually was not in harmony with Current 218 and its Anti-Demiurgic/Cosmic Gnosticism and did not himself have a properly seated altar for Current 182 cultivation and had so far only worked with the seals from LF1 (which in itself is something correct).
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A few notes from a Qayinite Nigromancer’s Workbook

(The following text and series of spells is published here with the kind permission of Magister N.A-A.218 and is part of a collection of similar spells that first were meant to be printed in a journal of folk-magic and sorcery that some of us involved in the Covenant of Sorcerous Fire had worked on, but as this current blog platform reaches far enough people we have decided to instead share some of that material here.

We hope other students will appreciate this material, that we here shall divide into seven different parts and posts, as much as we have and become inspired by it and further realise the reach of the Current 182, through which all is grasped by His Skeletal Hands on this Side and Consumed in His Fires of Holy Thoughtless Spirit on the Other Side.)

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Regarding comments on blog posts

We receive a lot of comments on our posts here and it is nice to see that the blog is highly appreciated by other students of the Path.

Some have asked us questions regarding workings and wanted guidance with specific things related to their own Current 2182 practice, but most of these topics have remained unanswered as there is no function that enables us to reply in private and we don’t want such communication to be publically available.

Our purpose is not and nor has it ever been to take the roles as Teachers within 2182, and the official public teachings (Liber Falxifer I-III and The Book of Sitra Achra) should give enough for anyone meant for the Current to establish contact and receive guidance through direct communion with the Spirits of the Path.

However, we do hope that what we present here can inspire towards something Good, and since a while back we have an Instagram account that can be found at this location:


The Instagram account was started partly in order for us to be able to communicate more in private with others having interest in 182/218 practice, so we advise our followers to create an Instagram account and contact us there when needed, as we won’t respond to blog post comments here.

Salve Sancte Qayin!

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Qayinite perspective on the Tomte – the Genius Loci of one’s home



This short text is based specifically on Swedish folk tradition and the entities culturally acknowledged in this part of the world, and the text is meant as a general presentation of how and why folkloric belief can be of relevance to and be used by the Qayinite, even if the outer forms of such beliefs and practices of course will differ from one country to another. These outer forms, for example the locally given names of certain entities, their visualized appearance/looks and the types of offerings given to them, are still relevant to employ as we in this case are dealing with entities connected to specific places and not Current-specific spirits. The purpose of this text is not meant to be an in-depth presentation of folklore, but rather to give a few examples of its practical employment possible through relevant points of manifestation in harmony with our Tradition.

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