Usurpatio Locii

We at the Covenant of Sorcerous Fire have been invited by our Teachers to participate in a project aimed at the Overtaking of relevant places of Power which by their nature are beneficial to our Current and whose energetic vibrations and essence can be taken over and redirected fully into or otherwise be placed under the influence of the Current 2182.

This will be the first of a series of texts concerning this “Usurpatio Locii” mission that we will publish here on the Covenant blog, specifically aimed at presenting and illustrating aspects of the Art of Overtaking Places of Influence and relevance to our Spiritual Path, that by their very nature can generally be placed under the dominion of our Master through the Fifth Station of the Derech ha-Pesha line, and from there become connected and ruled by any other specific station/s of Nod, like in this example those of the Gulgaltha Line.

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Divination, what is it good for?

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”I thought one of the points with divination was for those who can’t commune in other ways, like for example evocation?”

We received the above quoted comment in regards to the post Spirits of Nod manifesting during the Thanksgiving Ritual. We are not sure about the level of seriousness behind the question but thought it could be good to give our view about it anyway, as students of the Current 2182 and as counterparts to the myriads of ”youtube magickians” out there that are probably the biggest reason for such questions to appear in the first place.

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