Conjure Box of Amiahzatan

This simple work describes and partially shows how I made a Conjure Box of Amiahzatan, to be used as the cigar box in which tobacco offerings are kept in order
to charge them with the force of the spirit.

The altar was first partially opened, as my focus was on a specific fetish and through that point I then called upon the 13 stations of Akeldama and “clothed myself in Qayin’s Empowerments”, while focusing on the virtues of each station and then put the Rosarium of the Blood Acre around my neck and so entered “the Field Watered Red”.

I then made a magical ink before the altar, into which 13 drops of the Tincture of Amiahzatan described in Liber Falxifer 1 was added and the formula of calling of the spirit in question, from the same source, was projected into the ink 13 times through 13 exhalations of cigar smoke.

Each exhalation was used to project the “Ahtasha Bahym Koa Amiahzatan” formula deeply into the earlier exorcised ink, and so the ink was made into a “drawing element” for our tobacco daemon.
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Spirits of Nod manifesting during the Thanksgiving Ritual.

Nothing of worth is without cost and once one receive answer to prayers or when spells grant desired result, one should not forget to pay tribute.

Photos show thanksgiving ritual from last night and while that which must because of ruling taboos be kept hidden is concealed, much else is here manifested and visible.

Still the photos are shared with permission from the ruling Spirit of the work. This does not mean one can make up that “the spirit said this or that” in order to justify “doing what one wants” and means instead the use of an actual and traditional divination technique proven to work with the spirits in question.

All Glory to Qayin.
Hail 2182!