Autumnal Equinox Working

At the night of the Autumn Equinox that recently passed I conducted a working for our Holy Mother Q, in a Her aspect as the holder of the Horn of Abundance and Lady of the Good Harvest.

During the later evening of that day I went to a apple tree close to where I live, to give unto the spirit residing within it, awakened by recurring visits of harvest.
I watered its bark with Wine sweetened by cinnamon and honey, gave a gold coin and exhalation of the quickening and fiery breath of Amiahzatan, I asked for the spirit within to become nourished and strengthened and so in return let me pluck from its blessed fruits as offerings for our Goddess in order to empower my workings for the night.
7 Apples were taken and salutations was given to the Good spirit of the Tree.

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