The 7 keys of Death and 7 Talismanic Seals, and their connections to the 7 gates of Sitra Achra

In this installment of the ‘Contemplation’ series, I will write and expand upon personal gnosis regarding how the 7 keys of Master Qayin and the 7 gates of the Other Side align together, thus showing that 218 and 182, while still being distinct lines in practice, are in reality from the same source and that Qayin and His Bride are truly the path openers and holder of the keys to Sitra Achra. I would also like to emphasize the great value of the Talismanic Seals of the Keys, which aside from their immense practical use also reveal more hints as to the attributes and powers of the keys themselves, and thus also to its potential initiatic empowerment when working with the 7 gates.

Gnosis was received by working both lines separately when the inherent connections between the 7 keys and the 7 gates began to manifest itself, but also later through deep contemplation using the key of wisdom, the Qayin Coronatus pesel as a muse, which is imbued with the powers of the 7 keys, and through deep study of the books of the 218/182 Current(Liber Falxifer I, II, III, and The Book of Sitra Achra).

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