Friday 13th of April 2018


On the recent Friday 13th a working of Bane was conducted against an individual that has made itself a deserving target for such workings of Malefica.

It feels in this instance important to make it clear here that the efficiency of any spellwork is related to one’s own readiness to do all that which is necessary to achieve desired results, one must thus possess the sufficient will needed to take care of the same matter through physical means if possibility present itself.
The workings of malefica shall thus only be used when all physical roads are closed and the target is not within reach through more mundane means.
Cursing rituals can therefore never be a way for the cowardly and the weak to justify their own lack of action and should only come in to play when one is actually ready to physically eliminate the target but the practical possibility for such deeds does not exist.
The concept of cursing rituals being just a kind of psychodrama is therefore not existant within the 2182.

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The Devil’s School of Nigromancy – Qayinite Workings with a Folkloric Place of Sorcerous Power – Part 3

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When arriving at home after the rites of sowing and harvest I opened the Qayinite altar and activated the Nigromancy sigil drawn with chalk upon a black cloth. Through offerings of candles, incense, libation and tobacco I welcomed the spirits connected to the harvested elements, placed them upon the sigil and let the elements remain there until the candles had burnt out. The bag with the elements was then given a place upon the altar, and during the following days I mixed clay with tinctures based on all of the seven Key Sigil blends of Qayin, formed a plate/disc out of it and inscribed it with the Nigromancy sigil. When the mixture had dried I painted the inscribed sigil with sanctified ink and the plate was put underneath the harvested element to permanently focus this specific point of the altar and strengthen the spirits connected to it during my workings at the Qayinite altar.
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