The Devil’s School of Nigromancy – Qayinite Workings with a Folkloric Place of Sorcerous Power – Part 2


(This text is the second in a series of posts related to “The Devil’s School of Nigromancy”. Click here to read part one.)

I started the practical preparations for my workings at the Devil’s School of Nigromancy by making 13 thin copper pieces inscribed with sigils that were meant to reflect and connect my Qayinite work and the powers of the Father and Mother of our Holy Bloodline to the place itself. The copper sheets measured 7 x 7 cm and were inscribed with the Seven key sigils of Qayin, the key sigils of Becharming and Concealment of the Holy Mother, the Nigromancy sigil and the Sorcery sigil, as well as the Cross-Seals of Qayin Sator and Sancte Qayin Exulatus. The sigils were dedicated through relevant incense and tinctures, before being put in Holy Water (created according to the methods given in Liber Falxifer II) together with seven quartz crystals in a container placed on the activated Nigromancy sigil, that was given flame, smoke and libation for 13 consecutive nights of charging. The quartz crystals were included because of their attributes of drawing and keeping powers within them, and were meant to later further enforce the charge when being buried/sown at the place.

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