Lunar Eclipse – Lilith Candle Magic Working

On this past January the 31st 2018 a full lunar eclipse took place, so I took advantage of this liminal planetary movement by putting in focus and work during the real time of the Eclipsing of the Moon, through a ritual enacting of its darkening via candle magic (inspired by a private talk had with my teacher) aimed at channeling the powers flowing from the qliphotic moon of Gamaliel upon which our Mother Lilith is enthroned as Queen of the Sitra Achra.

Worth notingĀ is also the numerical symbology of the event taking place on the 31st day of the first month of 2018, 31 seen as a mirrored 13 and thus could be understood and interpreted within this context as Death granting rebirth into Her Womb to the other side of the mirror, a strong symbolic linkage to the actual powers of Our Lilith.
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Nachash Akalaton


A lunar eclipse occured during the 31th of january this year, so I decided to utilize the auspicious event to tap into the currents of Ama Lilith and dedicated a crooked wand for Her, that was to be my first making of a Nachash Akalton wand.

The method of consecration was an alternate version of that which was given in the Book of Sitra Achra. As I at that time did not had any snake offerings to give, so the work was formed accordingly to what was possible for me. Snake elements collected from previous offerings to Lilith was utilized instead, as they bear the echoes of those workings in the past.

The wand was previously conjured through Qayin to serve the cause of Ama Lilith,
its wood was that of birch that I found during one of my daily walks and due to its feminine nature and properties I found it fitting to dedicate it to our Faceless Queen of Sitra Achra, in lack of other more relevant trees that could be aquired at that time.

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