Poisoning of nails by the powers of Qayin Fossor

This report is intended to demonstrate my personal approach to consecrate nails for malefica workings when one for certain reasons can not buy coffin nails from the dead.

In many traditions, nails are used to cause affliction towards a target and normally the nails used are those that are rusty and can be bought from graveyards or even other loci dominated by malefic forces. Here where I live, nails of this kind can be bought from sorcery stores where the seller usually assures that those nails are taken from coffins or other places of interest, but rarely is this true. But when such claim is true, it is very rare to find nails that was bought in a appropriate approach that permits the nails to have the desired magical charge and thus those nails will not just cause afflictions towards the victim but also to the person employing them.

In order to avoid doubts related to the real origin of such nails, I decided to instead trust in my own hands and work.
So I bought some nails and via sorcerous workings charged them, through the powers of Master Qayin and his legions, with an appropriate and needed work to make them poisoned in order to afflict those it targets with malediction.
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