The Devil’s School of Nigromancy – Qayinite Workings with a Folkloric Place of Sorcerous Power – Part 1

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This text is the first in a series of posts that will discuss workings related to the Cause of the Fifth Station of the Pesha Line, at a place of interest because of the folkloric tales surrounding it, that are well in harmony with Qayinite sorcery and thus a suitable point at which the spirits of the place can become reawakened through Qayin and empowered to aid in His Cause. This first part will deal with contemplations based on the folklore surrounding the place and how it from my own view can be used to inspire concrete Qayinite work, as well as my initial ideas about the practical part and how the spirits of the place can be approached initially.

In a small village in Sweden there is a place known as “The School of Black Arts” holding great folkloric value and potency for a wide variety of Qayinite workings. The names of the known sorcerers that are connected with the place have been censored in this text for practical reasons related to security and privacy, but first and foremost because of esoteric protocol and taboos about revealing certain aspects about ongoing workings.

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