Midsummer Male Fern harvest


The spirit of the Male Fern has a vast amount of sorcerous abilities, including protection and invisibility, granting of good luck and wealth, love witching, different forms of necromancy and can act as an overseer of pacts and oaths, to mention some of them.

There is a lot of intersting folklore connecting this plant spirit to Midsummer’s Eve, telling about its hidden flower that is only in bloom exactly at midnight on this specific night according to some, and only every 100th Midsummer’s Eve according to others. If one succeeds with harvesting the flower it is said that one can become invisible and that every wish will come true. This folklore about the plant opens up interesting points for Qayinite usurpation and I decided to try to harvest one at midnight on this year’s Midsummer, and to keep the root as a sacred talisman for cultivation in order to attain its sorcerous virtues and hopefully add this mighty spirit to my league of famuli empowering my walk in the footsteps of Master Qayin and His Bride.
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