Qayinite Mandrake cultivation – An alternative approach


The purpose of this text is to present an alternative way to approach the mighty spirit of Mandrake, by the establishing of a treaty between the Black in Green and the Qayinite sorcerer through a living plant, instead of the more common procedure of using a harvested Mandrake root.

The first part of the process is to obtain Mandrake seeds, recall them upon a suitable sigil such as the Green Point of the Skull, or ideally the Cross-Seal of Qayin Sator, and later in His name sow them in dedicated soil while expressing the will and intent of the sorcerous sowing, that in my personal case (together with prayers directed to the spirit of the plant) included the Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas formula, codifying for us the Work of Reversal itself as explained in Liber Falxifer III.

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Winter Solstice 2016 – Initiatic work and pact with Sator

On this winter solstice my main focus was to start my initiatic work with the Akeldama line so I made a pact with Master Sator, consecrated a talisman with his seal and the Sator Square, and a tincture dedicated to Him and the workings of His Station. In order to clarify things I live in the southern hemisphere so here winter solstice comes on June 20th, differently from the northern hemisphere where on this date the Summer Solstice is celebrated instead.

It should be clarified that the initiatory work can only be started after at least 4×13 months of cultivation of the fully seated altar-throne of Master Qayin, as this is the amount of time required before actual work and activation of the Cross-Seals.

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Working of Praise to the Master of Nod – Good Friday of 2016

Within the Qayinite tradition the Good Friday is one of most important dates, representing the day that Qayin and Q. murdered Abel and Kelimat, and these transgressive acts caused the full awakening of Qayin and Q. to the Thoughtless Cause via Atazoth and thus formed the covenant between the Other God, the Forces of Sitra Achra, Qayin and Q., the Holy Bloodline and all enspirited elements and spirits that awakened as a consequence of these mighty deeds. Many important aspects became concretized and manifested at this moment, but here we will briefly mention some events related to the initial pavement of the Four Lines of Nod.

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