Qayinite Oak workings – Part three

After having contemplated the answers given in the last set of divinations where I asked for recommendations on what type of workings to conduct by the oak tree at the place of violent death, and what elements harvested from the same place could be used for, it was clear to me that it would be fit for darker and forceful workings against enemies, as all prior signs and omens through cards, dreams and visions were confirmed by the three Swords suit cards picked in the presence of the mighty black in green of the oak tree and our Master during the last divination mentioned in part 2.

The harvest I had already made from the place was of a “general” kind and something I did first and foremost to reach out to the spirit of the oak in order to establish a direct form of contact with him as an initial step, and to become inspired and guided by him about how to more specifically employ the place and its elements (and forces) in my work.

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