Baal Zabach working

The Path of Nod culminates in the Qliphotic Current 218 and this is the focus of the Red and Black line of practice within the Qayinitic system. As the Master ascended and assumed the Qliphotic Throne of Oreb Zaraq (The Ravens of Dispersion, the Black Venus of Sitra Achra) we who follow in His footsteps also strive to walk the Path of Black Fire.

The Master Qayin as the Baal Zabach is the Perfecter of the Slaughter and Slaughtering of Abel, the Establisher of the First Qliphotic Rites and the Master of the Blades of Elevating Death. In this aspect Qayin is the Master of Sacrifice both of one’s own hylic weaknesses and of blood sacrifice as described by Magister N.A-A.218 in Liber Falxifer III.

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Prayer to the Mighty Dead

I humbly call upon thee with utmost love and reverence in my heart, and ask you who are of the Blessed and Mighty Dead of the Fiery Bloodline of Qayin, to come forth on this Holy night which is established in your name in which the living of the Serpent Brood gather to give praise and honor to those who have crossed over and transcended!

We, the living of the Bloodline hail the Mighty Dead! We have not forgotten your deeds of sacrifice and transgression!

Come now and accept these offerings, my beloved Brothers and Sisters, in the name our Father and Mother, the progenitors of our Bloodline, Qayin and Qalmana!

On this night, we celebrate Their, and your liberation!

I come before you on this sacred night, and make this vow and pact to hereforth give offerings and my undying devotion to the Mighty Dead of my Bloodline! From this day forth, I promise to be faithful and give homage to the beloved ones of my own kind!

I can only humbly ask in return, be it Thy will and the will of our Master, to help me with my own path of lawless transgression and becoming, and if I may be deemed worthy by my own deeds, on the day and hour of my death may join those Blessed and Mighty Ones who now dwell on the Other Side!

Come! I welcome thee with open arms and love in my heart O’ Brothers and Sisters, and receive these offerings I give to you in your name!

Hail the Mighty Dead!

Hail Qayin and Qalmana!

Hail Azerate!