Necheshthiron Pact

In the Book of Sitra Achra by Magister N.A-A.218 we learn about the fate-altering Qliphotic Princes who work to counteract the imposed destinies of the personal horoscopes of the Zodiac. Since I’m a Scorpio I work with Necheshthiron, The Brassy Ones, through the blessings of and before our Master Qayin. The image on the pact working is based on the description of His astral manifestation given in the book and was made to aid in the visualization of the Prince Necheshthiron during His workings.

Prince Necheshthiron, O Qliphotic Scorpio
Sting through my destiny and let the Waters of Death flow
O You who are crowned with a burning Black Sun
The draconic guardian of Sitra Achra’s letter of Nun
With Your Brazen Scales and Reddened Scythe
Let me bask in Your Halo of Thoughtless Black Light
Let it illuminate my way through the Path of Nod
And clear the way to the Realm of the Other God.

A Point of Wealth upon Qayin’s Altar

The pursuit of monetary gains through magical practices is a widespread phenomenon, various traditions have their own framework for how wealth related magic are done.
Here in this post I will describe a point of wealth that I have established upon my altar of Qayin, that throughout the years have been giving me much aid when it comes to matters of economy and hopefully it will aid and inspire those who want to build their workings through our Master’s Key of Wealth.

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The ritual working of “The Treaty of Mardazdahak-Deva”

This post will be the first in a series solely focusing on the Mandrake plant(mandragora officinarum), which is a very important and powerful plant Spirit in the 218/182 system.

Further posts will detail the relationship of this Spirit with the 4 lines of Nod outlined in the Liber Falxifer 3 book, but for this particular post, the emphasis will be placed on the interpretation and ritual working of “The Treaty of Mardazdahak-Daeva” found in Liber Falxifer 2…

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