Qayinite Oak workings – Part two


To continue my workings with the oak spirit, I created a tincture, mixing some of the harvested leafs and some soil from the place with whiskey. This tincture was shaken and conjured each Monday for seven weeks and placed next to my Baal-Maggal statue upon the altar. After seven weeks I conducted the rite of making ink based on the tincture according to the instructions given in Liber Falxifer II. After having called upon the Master and cleansing the ink in traditional manner a few drops of the oak tincture was added and the ink was placed on the Nigromancy sigil. I used three candles for the activation of the sigil: 1 green, 1 red and 1 black. The green was inscribed with the Locked paths key, the red with the Wisdom key and the black with the Necromancy key, and the candles were dressed in their corresponding oils before they were lit. Tobacco and whiskey were also used for the activation, as well as the incense blend for the Wisdom Key herbal formula. I directed my prayers to the oak spirit and asked him to let virtues imbue the ink and bless it with its’ presence so that it could act as a channel of communion between me and him, opening the gates to realms unseen and granting me wisdom related to its’ specific virtues in connection with the accident and the dead.

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