Personal contemplation and meditations pt.1 : Qayin Baal-Ratsach

jean-or-johann-sadeler-cain-killing-abel-1576As often stated regarding the books belonging to the 218 Current, there is much, if not more gnosis hidden between the lines of the words written instead of overtly revealed, the following contemplations were done to seek further the mysteries of Good Friday.

There are two aspects of Master Qayin hinted at, but not given explicit detail within the books of Falxifer and The Book of Sitra Achra. These two aspects are Baal-Ratsach, and Mawethel.

Within the chapter of Qayin Mortifer in LF3, Baal-Ratsach is briefly touched upon as a more elevated and higher aspect of Qayin Mortifer, that is rooted wholly in Azerate. Baal Ratsach is named as the killer of all and bringer of unfated death for the sake of restoration of the Unmanifest.

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A working of Subjugation

This working was done against a particular target in a competetive context, in order to subjugate and bend the will of this opponent of mine. It was conducted in the line of our Holy Mother, as the powers linked to her Key Sigil of Subjugation were deemed as perfect for the task at hand.

As always when working to affect someone else magically, it is much easier to get a good result if one is able to collect links that have been in physical contact with the target, as the focused will is then directed upon him or her by the law of contagion. In this case I had the possibility to fetch a plastic spoon that the target had eaten with as well as a note with handwriting.

I had earlier consecrated three different plant elements on the Green Point of the Skull for this working. These plant spirits were called upon during three separate rites, and were all in different ways conjured to bestow their specific virtues to works of domination and subjugation.

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2016 Good Friday group workings for Qayin

Some of our brethren of the Covenant met up for group workings in celebration of the Good Friday this year.
The aims of the night was two-fold, firstly to feed and empower our talismans, fetishes and ensouled statues with general offerings and that of blood sacrifice.
The second goal of the night was to open the paths in order for us to, through the blessings of Sator, be able to grow strong on the Akeldama Line.
We have for this reason focused on working with the Cross-seal of Sator with initiatory path-opening as the intent through the activation of the Cross-seal encircled by the Key of Locked Paths, the giving of blood sacrifice upon the seal itself and elements related to what we aimed to seed to further our becoming and strengthen us on our walking in the footsteps of the Master.
The first workings were conducted indoors, and on the saturday night that followed the Good Friday we worked upon a field of harvest with the Cross-seal of Qayin Sator marked directly upon the soil.

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Qayinite Oak workings – Part One



This is a continual working which on this blog will be presented in different parts. Some time ago I heard about a car accident in which a female passenger died when the car drove straight into an oak tree at high speed. I began thinking about how this place could be worked in magical ways, as the loci inhabiting places where violent death occurs are shaped and empowered by such happenings in different ways and draw to them unseen forces of similar nature and power. I was not sure on how to approach it though, and thus I thought that it would be a good thing do work divinations about, both to receive the answers and recommendations from Master Qayin and also to strengthen my skills in the art of divination.

My initial idea was to reach the shade of the victim at the place of the oak and find out if she could aid in darker sorcerous workings. With that idea in mind I made the first divination on the matter, and I used my consecrated deck of cards which I rely on fully as the answers given through them have always been straight and clear. No extensive explanation of the card meanings will be given here, even though much more than what is stated in this text (as well as in any of its follow-up posts) have of course been taken into account before interpreting the outcomes. More in-depth explanations of the Arcana Minor is easily found elsewhere for the interested.

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Yew harvest for Qayin


The spirit of the Yew tree is strongly linked to the dead and can aid in many forms of necromantic workings, stretching from baneful malefica to the granting of ghost-sight, ancestral wisdom and gnosis. The Yew tree has a long history of being connected to graveyards. The places on where to erect churches and their surrounding cemeteries have in many areas been chosen based on where Yew trees were growing.Many such places were originally dedicated to temples or other places of power within religious contexts pre-dating christianity, further showing the long history of Yews being attributed holiness and power. In some cultures Yew trees are said to have been (and still are) planted within cemeteries to represent “the immortality of the soul”, among other reasons because of the tree being an evergreen and its unique way of growing (the branches can grow into the ground forming new stems which then grow up as separate trunks) that can symbolise resurrection in different ways. These “outer manifestations” of the body of the tree spirit can thus show how it can give life to the dead, while its toxicity can bring death to the living. Such outer and historical attributes are interesting in themselves, but it must be underlined that true insight regarding the powers and virtues of the black in green are never limited or fully disclosed by such things, but must instead be received through direct communion with the spirit in question.

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Working and Communion with the Lord of Akeldama


This working was intended to ask for Baal-Akeldama blessings in order to sow the Sorcerous Will in his ever bloody fields for later reap the desired fruit via the arduous personal work empowered by his powers.

The permission to share this working was granted by the Master himself via one of His divinatory tools in a ritual performed in a concrete manner during Monday night after the traditional working had been done, no room was left for allowing self-delusion as we are Faithful followers of his cult and want do his will and not the tricky ego’s desires.

As it will be perceived along the reading of the ritual report, the whole working structure was rigorously built into the protocols and teachings offered by the books of Falxifer and Qayinite tradition and enfleshed by our own insights and gnosis obtained by concrete experience and with the Qayinite tradition along the years.

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