Flying Rowan


A “flying rowan” is a small rowan that has taken root in the fork of another tree. Within various folk-magical traditions such rowans are believed to possess strong magical powers, for example the ability to grant protection and invisibility to the person that approaches it correctly. The most commonly mentioned reason for the enhanced powers of the flying rowan is that the tree has never touched the ground, which in itself is interesting in connection to the fact that within many traditions, that which one harvests from a tree should not be let to touch the ground, or else the harvested parts will loose their magical powers. However, in the Qayinitic Tradition that the following rite was performed within, focus is also placed on the Genius Loci and the surroundings in which the trees are growing and how they enhance and shape certain parts of the tree spirits attributes.

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Formula for general healing and cleansing

Formula for general healing and cleansing

Palo Santo
Yerba Mate
Bay Laurel
A formulae used for general cleansings, purification of disease and unwholesomeness.
It can be used for restoring and strengthen ones vitality and well being.

The formulae can be burnt as incense, made into a tincture with which one can mix with sanctified water for the making of a bath or made into oil.
In the case of oil making there are many ways, but one could fill a vial with carrier oil (such as almond oil) and mix it with the formulae and shake it for one month while praying over it.
The herbal elements should ideally be enspirited and called back or harvested (except the Palo santo, which there is a strong taboo against its harvest if the tree is still standing)

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Baaltzelmoth working – Walpurgis Night 2015


On this Holy Night a group working was conducted, related to our Master’s highest aspect, enthroned in Oreb Zaraq as the Lord of the Ravens of Death. Through the “reddening of raven bones”, the spilling of the blood of dayside Venus for the glory of its counteracting part in Sitra Achra, the aim of this working was to reach out to our enthroned Master Qayin Baaltzelmoth and ask for his empowerments in Spirit, and to imbue raven parts (bones, feathers, head and claws) placed upon his Qliphothic Throne-seal with the spiritual empowerments of Oreb Zaraq for further use in future workings on our walk in the footsteps of the firstborn of the Black Light.

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